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I just checked the files.

Is it the carbs/sugar, thats the main part that want out of it, or does it have other things in it that you need for post workout to?

How much are these going for?

oh boy

yes, it is carbs/sugar. carbs are sugar. how fast they turn to sugar once digested = glycemic index (GI)

because your energy stores are depleting during a workout, maltodextrin and/or dextrose is taken after a workout to replenish glycogen (energy) levels

you want to get natural insulin spiking (think of insulin as a nutrient shuttle) and replenish stores ASAP that's why those sugars in particular are used, because they are the fastest. glucose aka dextrose goes straight to your bloodstream, it has the highest GI there is of 100 or something (give or take a few?)

maltodextrin and dextrose are a good combo however malto can be hard to find so just dextrose is fine.

it can be purchased from supermarkets but the best one is pak 'n' save in the beer homebrew section. 1kg bags for a few dollars.

after a workout you also want protein (and fast!) this is why most of us have our energy source (as per above) as well as whey in water either with the energy source or afterward

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I was just eating simple carb foods after my trains, like yoghurts, ice cream, etc..

Sorry dude but the only thing you're going to get from eating yoghurt or icecream after training is FAT. Both of them contain high amounts of sugar but also high amounts of fat - and the GI is actually pretty low for both of them so they don't cause the high insulin spike that you want after training.

And all the fat in them is also going to slow the absorption of the protein down so you also lose some of the benefit of rapid protein absorption post workout. Your best bet is to cut the icecream and yoghurt out completely from your diet, and for post workout stick with high GI carbs - Glucose/Dextrose and if you can find it, some complex carbs from long chain maltodextrin.

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I was gettin those low fat youghurts though oh and also bananas i thought they were good,. But lucky I learnt this info, im gonna get me some of this stuff now.

How much of this stuff should you take after training. 30 gram servings, 2 spoons?? also if I got both the maltodextrin and Dextrose how much each should i take of them together as well?

Sorry for jumping your thread Marcus. :shifty:

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Post workout is the BEST meal man.. wub3.gif

I don't really bother with the malto/dexto stuff unless Im prepping - otherwise its just protein with some form of high GI carb (spose you can keep the cals in check if youre aiming at fatloss... but I dun care lol).

I usually have either:

Protein shake in a bowl of kiddie cereal :D

Protein shake n rice cakes

Preferably as soon as freaking possible after my workout 'cos Im usually so hungry I could eat my own arm by the time the workout's finished no3zq.gif

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You normally mix the stuff with creatine monohydrate to help transport the stuff to the muscles. Just get the stuff at foodtown. If you're not using it with creatine then why get it? Just eat FOOD after training.

a shake followed by a meal 30mins-1hr later is far superior to just food at the pre workout stage

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Ice cream's not all bad for the post-post-workout meal (ie, the second meal after the workout) if you feel you need it, but as Flex says, I'd steer clear of it post-workout.

For the purists, creamed rice probably isn't a great idea either. Even though it has a very low fat content, I imagine it contains casein - which also slows down the absorption of whey protein, I'm told. (Although, again, post-post-workout anything goes!)

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No offense meant.. but you guys are freaking anal about this stuff.

Whats with shoving down glorified sugar post workout but eating ice cream is bad?

Post workout I take 30 grams of protein in water with a banana, jam sandwhich and normally a muesli bar. Then I try get some proper food in after that. It's really not that hard.

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Im on both boats here buddys, i was an advocate for a more real food PWO meal like a good chicken breast and brown rice or something like that, but have you ever done a Max Effort Squat workout where you have puked after the last set then gone on to do all your supliment and acesory work THEN tried to eat imediatly after that..................hell no so i cahnged to a shake instead here is what i have been following for a few years now...... was posted by a friend at http://www.bigkiwi.co.nz

Post Workout Meal (very important)

*Immediately after training! I’ll repeat that, immediately after training while still at gym (don’t wait to get home!)*

80-100 grams whey protein isolate

100 grams maltodextrin

3 cups of water

Also separately from shake have multi vitamin with small glass of water

Also try to get down: (go by your hunger as it’ll be really hard to do at first)

1 small-medium microwave / boiled potato (depending on size)

1 box raisins

No fats what so ever (this is very very important!)

What's we're doing is creating an insulin spike post workout so that’s why it’s imperative you follow it to the T! As this one meal can literally make or break huge muscle gains!!

This is going to be a very hard meal to have for the 1st few times & don’t be surprised if you feel like it’s all going to rush right back up. But after a few times it’ll be like clockwork & your body will actually crave it if you’re 5min over time after training.

This meal is imperative for muscle mass gains as the body is insulin receptive post workout & we want to work with the insulin spike to drive carbs & protein into the muscles.

You’ll find that your stomach will stick out like you’re pregnant (or look kinda like big Ronnies lol) after this meal but don’t worry it’ll settle after a round an hour.

Give it a try for a month or so & I can assure you you'll put on some quality size!

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No offense meant.. but you guys are freaking anal about this stuff.

Your postworkout meal is your most important meal and there are all sorts of theories out there about what is best to use PWO. The one thing that seems to be consistant is the use of fast absorbing protein and carbs. The main thing you're wanting to do is elevate insulin levels - the theory being that more nutrients will be shuttled to the muscles and nutrient uptake will be improved. One can be seen to be getting pretty anal about this subject however in theory it should offer some benefits if you get it right. Of course if you're not training all that well, and the rest of your diet is lacking then toying around with your PWO nutrition probably is a bit of a waste of time, however if you are putting in the hard yards and want to maximise recovery, then getting PWO nutrition right is a good place to start.

Unfortunately it's a pretty complex issue and I don't have the time to go into it too much at the moment. If you do want to know more I'll put some info together and post it on here in a few days then you can make up your own mind.

Marcus - The Dextrose listed there looks pretty bog standard. The Maltodextrin on the other hand is quite refined/hydrolysed and I would imagine it would have quite a short chain length. It's going to have quite a high GI (Maltodextrin is a long chain length carb or complex carb, however although while technically it is a complex carbohydrate, maltodextrin results in a glycemic response similar to that of dextrose).

Because of its short chain length you're going to need to drink a fair amount of water with it as with the dextrose. Short chain carbs i.e. dextrose, need to be mixed in an 8% solution to match your body fluid osmolality and ensure adequate absorption. Long chain maltodextrin can be absorbed at up to around 18% solution so requires less fluid for rapid absorption in the gut. For best results with dextrose you need to consume a 92% water solution in your post-workout shake. To calculate this, divide the carbohydrate content (in grams) by the fluid volume (in millilitres), and multiply by 100. So for every 8 g of carbs PWO you need 100ml of water i.e. 40 grams carbs = 500ml of water, otherwise gastric emptying will be slowed, you will most likely get gastro discomfort, and the effects of your flash PWO shake will be reduced.

If you're using long chain malto you can get away with a lot less water. Unfortunately the Davis stuff appears to be short chain so you won't get much advantage using it.

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