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Changes happening,......slowly!


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I've been logging onto this site now for a wee while, along with a few others that I frequent, so I thought I might as well introduce myself.

I'm presently 18 mths short of 40! :shock: , how time flies. I have two kids, daughter of 3 yrs, son of 10 mths.

I'm originally from RSA, been living in NZ since late 1998. Started weight training in 1985, attempted two comps pre 1990, but did not place in either and so lost enthusiasm with training for a while.

Trained on and off (more "off" than "on"), between 1991 & 1998, and trained even less frequently during the first few years in NZ.

Then IT HAPPENED! After two years of absolutely no exercise beyond work (mechanical eng/draftsman,........sit in front of computor 10-12 hrs per day), at 172cm tall/120kg's/120cm waist, my cholesterol hit 6.6. The doc phoned me and asked me to come see him! (Oh crap!)

So, anyways those were my stats when I re-started training in mid/late Nov 2005.

Stats have changed quite substantially over the last 7 to 8 mths, now I'm 107kg's/100cm waist/4.3 cholesterol, and I intend competing again by age 40.

Based on past experience, I have no fixed training program set in concrete, I basically follow a 3-day split cycled through 4 days training per week, alternated on a 6 week basis with a 4-day split cycled through 5 days training per week.

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I agree with Deegee. I wouldn't call a 13kg drop over 7 months a slow change. That's a good steady rate - not too fast, not too slow.

I know this is often the last thing people want to do, but make sure you've got some progress photos. Lock the "Before's" away now, if you like, but having the record of how far you've come is a real buzz later when you see just what you've achieved.

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