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Scheduled outage


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The forums will be down for a few hours on Friday morning, as we are moving NZBB to a newer, closer (and therefore hopefully faster) server.

There's nothing you need to do differently... We'll still be using the same nzbb.co.nz address - but your internet service provider will automatically direct you to the new server once it realises we've moved. The key phrase here is "once it realises". Most ISPs should update their records in 1-4 hours, but some providers (Xtra!) may take longer.

If you continue to have problems accessing the site, please let me know - admin@nzbb.co.nz

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Well, we're back. Mostly. There are still a few loose ends to tie up, but hopefully everything is functional.

No, the previous server was pretty good, Deegee. I was certainly happy with the service, speed, and generally good uptime they provided. The one thing that let them down was that they only did a backup once a week. We'd long since grown past the stage where losing up to 7 days worth of data could be considered an acceptable loss - so (after rather a lot of procrastination!) I've moved us. :D

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Well it all still looks the same and still runs nice and smoothly like it has for some time Do you ever update the board software as in the visual presentation. Not that there is anything wrong with what I see but two other boards I know have just changed the user interface a bit.

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Funny you should ask... :D

I do actually have some new graphics. Nothing hugely different, just a few subtle changes. I was going to unveil them at the same time as I changed servers, but I decided it was safer to make one change at a time!

Depending on the weather, you may see them appear over the weekend.

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