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neoprene elbow/knee wraps/collars


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Howdy all,

Im after some neoprene or similair material elbow and knee collars to keep my joints warm. These are not going to be used to provide subbort per-se but entirely used to keep the joints warm.

I saw some lifters at the oly meet E. Urine that seemed to have on something of this nature.

Anyone know where to get them cheap ?



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http://www.cheapneoprenejointsupports.com or...

You could buy some rugby socks and cut the toe end out, pull said socks up and hey presto, knee/elbow warmers.

Or, for the cost of petrol to Piha, you could steal someone's wetsuit and hack that up.

Failing that, most pharmacies will do those type of joint supports. I don't remember them to be too expensive. You will only be talking a couple of dollars at any rate.

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www.cheapneoprenejointsupports.com or...

Classic - one of my favourites in fact.

If you don't have any luck there you could try these guys - http://www.bigbobsbumperbudgetbonanza.com - I always find them good for getting a low price. For some reason though the quality normally sucks ar$e and the products only seem to last half as long, and delivery takes 8 weeks to get to me, but I get everything for half price so it's sweet as. Just tell them Flex sent you and they'll sort you out.

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