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Newbie on the block


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Hi, I am new to bodybuilding I have been doing it for 6 weeks.

I am coming to New zealand for 6 months in November and was wondering if anyone would point me in the right direction as far as gyms go. I will proberbly spend most of the time in Queentown/Wanaka.

Would appreciate some info.



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Welcome! You've a beautiful part of the country, and a good time of year for it (it's a wee bit chilly right now!).

I can't help you out with a local gym, but when you say you'll be spending "most" of you time there - are you thinking of moving around a bit? If so, you might like to try to find a gym belongs to AdFit, since that allows you to use your membership at other gyms around the country.

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Proactive - Wanaka

Queenstown Gym - Queenstown

Two good gyms, if it were me I would go round and get a free week membership from those that look appealing. At least you will learn first hand what they are like before committing money.

I also would follow up on the Adfit or see if you can use your membership in both Wanaka and Queenstown. I know a lot of people work between Queenstown and Wanaka so there must be some demand for what your looking for.

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