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Bet's on, who reckons I can make it ?


whats the word on the outcome:  

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  1. 1. whats the word on the outcome:

    • 150kg is a rather huge jump in 12 weeks, most likely not feasible.
    • 150kg?? thats baby weights, you should be nailing more than that in 12 weeks easily!
    • Very high probability of varvenz nailing 150kg in 12 weeks.

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Alright some of you might have noticed on my journal Im going crazy with a squat routine.

I have a bet with a gym pt on who can squat more in 3 months time.

my stats:

height 6'0

bw 89kg

bf i guess aroun 18 - 20%

Max lifts

box squat to parallel 115kg for 2RM

full deadlift 140kg for 1RM, though in the past i have done 150kg for a 2rm

Bench: out of the question due to injury.

PT's stats:

height 5,10

bw 92kg

bf approx 14%

Max lifts:

Full squat: 110kg for 2RM

Full deadlift: 150kg for 1RM

Bench: 140kg for 2 RM

Im training as per a modified West Side Conjugate system.

My goal in 3 months is to hit a pb of 150kg on full squat.

How many of you reckon I can make it? Im undershooting, Im overshooting ?

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It depends, VV.

35 kg is a big jump, especially when going from a box squat to a full squat. You miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight pull it off if you haven't been concentrating on your squat. I haven't trained Westside so I can't really compare or give feedback on my experience but run the program and see what it does for you. It's hard to say what you're capable of when we haven't seen you squat. Maybe there are some technique flaws that could be fixed, and that'll add another 20 kg on your squat, just an assumption. There's always a possibility that you can pull it off. Good luck!

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Yes I have upped the calories. Itll be an interesting challenge nonetheless. Walso, was thinking about the 5x5, but then again Ive been reading up on West Side and meaning to try it for agessss... so this is the perfect opportunity.

On the subject of the PT, hes been training for 6 years, and Ive been trainig for 1.5 years. In regards to the lower squat than bench, he gave me some reply about dodgy knees, yet his rotator cuff and wrist issues havent stopped him from benching twice a week for the past 6 years :grin:

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I think as long as you are plowing down the food you could do it. Don't think about your bodyfat too much. Obviously you need to focus on upping the weight with every workout. Don't neglect your back training either because this will help you squat go up also.

Dodgy knees - very familiar excuse. :grin:

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Thats good motivation to start with, you guys can keep me in check.

Yeah most of my work for a big squat wil revolve around building up hammies/glutes/lower back.

Gonna start hitting stuff like stiff legged deads, good mornings etc hard with heavy low rep work.

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The bodys much stronger than the mind believes !

Yeah I know its right up the injury path, but Im young and stupid and gonna take my chances.

West Side is an interesting template used by guys to squat regularly past the 1000lb mark, so it will be fun to see if it works for amateurs on the lower end of the scale when its tweaked down accordingly.

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I know the saying "lift heavy, grow big" is out there floating around somewhere, however, my general opinion is that as far as bb'ing goes, who can lift the most is just not the point......however, since you've now made it quite obvious that that is your particular train of thought and agenda to your training, I have to comment that if those are PT's best lifts after 6 YEARS of training & Varven's lifts after 1.5 YEARS of training, then these boys have really been dragging there asses with regards training!

Although PT's bench is pretty decent, with a bit of effort 155 for 2 should be achievable in 3 mths, full deadlifts of 190-200 for 2 should be no problem for the same time period & full squats of 165-170 for 2 should be a slightly strained, but achievable cruise-in.

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I think if you're squatting that much, you need to learn to squat right first. My squatting technique isn't that good, but my bet is you could probably do with just being tighter and improving your form. If you can get a video of you squatting, I'll hit you up with some tips.

If you've never done heavy GM's, SLDL and stuff, I don't think Westside would be the right program for 3 months.

I'd be keeping it simple with some Pyramidding, 5x5, heavy partials etc.

Just a question, if you miss a squat, where about do you lose it?

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