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Philip Heath, are you also concerned about his health?

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There must not be something right here, this guy became a pro in his 6th ever competition, after two years of traning. Is it just me, or does it seem unhealthy and potentially life threatening to become so big so fast? He must have been pumping as many steriods into himself as ronnie to get os big in 2 years. And he is only young also.

I heard a rumor that he gets very sick from time to time, most likely because of the mass of drugs he takes, has anyone else heard anything? and what are your views on getting to be a pro in 2 years, and what effect it might have on his health.

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He started serious bodybuilding training when he was 20 or 21, he's now 26 so more like 4-5 years. Before that he was doing alot of weight training for basketball so probaly built a good base. I think 2 years is how long he has been competing for. I think his one of the healthier looking pros unlike Branch Warren.

Haven't heard the rumour of him being sick tho.

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