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I prefer using the single loop strap, simple to use, cheaper in comparison to the double loop, & cheaper still than the hook straps.

I've used them all over the years, and regardless of price or manufacturer, they all seem to have a "wear-through" point and generally last only 7-9 mnths depending on frequency of use and how much you actually let the straps carry the load.

Just go for the cheap & cheerful $9.95, single loop "York" straps from Rebel.

The "Outback" single loops are double the price & don't last any longer, and double loops can be an absolute b#$%^! to use while still new and stiff!

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I really disliked my single loop straps. I found they pinched and grazed the skin to the point of drawing blood sometimes!

After much effort (there's a whole thread on my effort here!) I got a pair of hook straps from http://www.prowriststraps.com. I haven't really used them as much as I thought I would, but they're miles better than the single loop. Only disadvantages are that they're quite bulky, and the hook doesn't quite fit the bar as nicely as I think it should (still does the job ok, but I think I need to attack it with a vice).

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Imo, the reason why some people dislike single loops is because they are used incorrectly and so either "strangle" the wrist or pinch causing blood blisters.

Firstly single loops are not ambidexterous, one needs to be specifically threaded for left the other for right.

When in use, and viewed with the tail extending across the palm of open hands, the tail must lay across the palm in the same line/direction as the thumb, (not in the direction of the little finger). The spliced loop must not be pulled up tight against the wrist, but must lay just within the palm area of the hand.

When wrapping the tail around the bar, start approx where the either hands little finger position would be, make 2 or 3 wraps towards where the thumb would be situated, wrapping around the bar in the opposite direction to how the fingers would grab and hold.

Use your thumb to push & your fingers to pull the wraps tighter, or ask you training partners to pull on the strap tail ends until sufficiently tight.

Because the spliced loop was initially positioned within the palm of either hand, as you grip around the bar, your fingers will now be positioned over the spliced loop so as it cannot pull up tight around your wrist and the front area of your wrist will remain completely exposed during the lifts/pulls, and because the wraps are around the bar in the opposite direction to your fingers, everything will remain firmly in place until you release your grip at the end of the set.

I find the double loops far too infuriating & frustrating to un-loop, even when "worn in", when I'm trying to "GET RID OF THE FRIGGIN WEIGHT" at the end of an exhausting set of heavy deadlifts, BB rows, DB shrugs (especially when the DB's are so narrow), or cable rows (also where the parallel grips are very narrow).

IMO, the hooked versions just never seem to hold the Olympic bars securely for heavy deadlifts, but are ok for "T" bar or cable rows where the bar is thinner than an Olympic bar, and the hooks are "rated" for heavy loads (500kg's plus)........not because your going to lift 500kg's, but because of metal fatigue, the hooks start to bend open after a few months of use and don't "cradle" the bar securely anymore.

But what the hell, take up powerlifting, they don't use straps at all and deadlift close to half a ton!!!!!!! :haha: :banging:

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