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partial reps


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yeah seen it on dvds got me thinking you could use more weight like on benching go rite down good stretch and half way up becouse anything past your using triceps.?????

also like shoulder presses i no bigkiwi only suggests going half way up, what do you guys think.

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Yup, they do! ..in terms of breakin' plataeus

-even better with drop-sets to chase that pump.

To be specific: I do "x-reps"..meaning ill do two sets will full motion and proper form. Then follow up with two more with partials (x-reps), but the motion has to be in the most stress-full/semi-stretched range of the rep. The sweet-spot. Not fully contracted. Everyone responds to training differently, so its worth a try.

Heres an example:

Bench Press

Working sets

SET1: 8-12reps

SET2: 8-12reps

Full-motion reps, should fail after 7 or before 12reps depending which style of training best suits you. High reps/low reps...


SET3: 4-6reps

SET4: 4-6reps

From half-way to 4-8" below half-way..semi-stretched position.. -not fully-contracted (isometric hold).


SET5: 5-6reps

SET6: 5-6reps

To further help stimulate the fast-twitch fibres...

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