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Pissed me right off!!!!!!

Retro Blaster

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Ill give you a little heads up on my Gym its a small gym with 1 squat rack in it it has 3 benches a smith machine2 leg presses 3 calf machines good solid rack of DBs about 15 machines that noone uses heaps of bars and weights and a few cardio machines and a good area for abs n streching.

Any way i went there last night to do a squat work out i got changed and went out to start, when i got to the squat rack there was this dude there doing curls in it i thought oh yeah sweet so i went and did my OH squats on the floor infront of the bench i finished up and looked over to the dude and he was still doing these puss curls with an Oly bar and 5 kgs on each side, by this time i was getting pissed cos no one should be curling in the squat rack, but i let it lay and went and done leg ext by the time i had finished these the dude was changing the weights on the bar DOWN to a 2.5 on each side so i charged over to the dude but before i could say anything another guy pops in and says hey butthead the broom sticks and 2 wet socks are over there next to the 5 lb dbs maybe that lady over there can spot ya after you 2nd rep. I cracked up laughing and went and racked his bar and started my workout.

So the moral of the story is no curling in the god dam squat rack.

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Hehehe... reminds me of the two middle-aged guys in the Smith machine. They took it in turns to do five sets of shrugs each. Then they each did another five with the bar behind their backs. Then they took it in turns to do some strange wrist curl thing - five sets each. Wrist curls? In a Smith machine?! :shock:

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curls with an Oly bar and 5 kgs on each side.

Yeah, what's with that?

I've never quite understand the advantage of doing curls with an olympic bar and buggar all weight on the ends!

Is it any better than one of the smaller bars with some weight on them?

Makes them just look like a dick head IMO.

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I have used the squat rack for curls, a few people at my gym do, but I try to go only when it is not busy and I can see no one is working legs.

I have changed my routine so that I am not using the olympic bar for curls now but still see lots of people who do

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