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It's on this Saturday guys and gals, so come along to the Bruce Mason centre and support the show. With all the talk about low numbers and so-on, it's time to get behind BOTH fedarations and support the sport. At the very least there will be protein samples to try!

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Hah! I used to work with Jay! In fact I quit my job there just as I was getting ready for a show, and Jay was most interested in the whole bodybuilding thing then, and very disappointed he wasn't going to see me turn up at work covered in protan. I'm pleased he's finally found a bodybuilder - Simon's a far better specimen than I would have been anyway. :grin:

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when was this???

i heard moes boys were being a pretty bad audience

This was waaayyy after the comp finished and there were just some of us in the foyer at the time. Moe picked up a protein product off the table and was reading it, then the bald guy yelled at him, walked over and snatched it out of his hands. They should've had a fight to see who was right!! :pfft:

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yeah i competed last nite.

i was a pretty good show.

nice and relaxed

caught the prejudging yesterday. you looked good 2guns, nice physique and your posing was good. you took out your category aye?

that tuffle in the foyer after the show was funny... that bald guy giving moe shit just for looking at one of his products. made himself look like a twat. moe goes to him, "your voice is bigger than you are" hehe funny guy. a fight would've made things interesting lol.

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I was hoping to, but I got tapped on the shoulder and told I wasn't allowed. :( I'm not sure whether this is standard NABBA policy, or just an over-zealous usher, but I'll make some enquiries for the future.

2guns looked very good. There were a couple of poses I thought could have been improved slightly - mostly just to do with your stance, which was just a wee bit narrow, IMO. But otherwise, very very impressive indeed. Congratulations!

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