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Saturday 8 December

Starting to put together a plan for next year, with the goal of meeting the qualifying standard for Oceanias, and pursuing some goals through the year. I'm not sure how selection works, but I know the goal is a good one, regardless.

I am currently 5kg short of the M2 standard (530 at BBro versus, I understand, 535 required for "Brown" standard in U120) - that's well within reach. Post BBro impressions were that if I'd backed myself harder I'd have got 210/115/215... but that's part of the head-games around competing, eh.

But, over the course of 2012, the bodyweight's crept up and for a number of reasons I'm looking hard at dropping into the U105s - which of course are far more heavily contested, but that's the trade-off :cool: so I'll be looking to make that a goal.

Current PBs are 205, 115, 210 - I will be pushing hard to get to 225 / 125/ 225 by the North Islands or a June novice meet, which would be the "Black" standard for U105s. Ideally, I'd like to get there by the CDs in March, but as TMQ, HJP and Tutua have all shown, losing weight has a negative impact on strength goals, and this year's results suggest I get only 5-10 kg every three months, and that I'm surely getting close to having exhausted the easy gains that you get when you're a novice.

I'll be looking to make sure I qualify for Nationals (does the '12 BBro count as a qualifier for the '13 Nationals since it's less than twelve months away, or do I need to re-qualify next year?). Nationals at the 'House will be off the hook and I want to be a part of it.

All this is still raw, btw - I have muttered about trying a squat suit or shirt over the summer, but I think I'm possibly still too sloppy in form/ too much of a novice to really worry about equipped lifting.

What am I thinking of doing to get there:

a. I've emailed Tutua's diet guru to see what he can do;

b. as far as training plans go, I've really only used Sheiko, and then just #29 and a 5wk comp plan, I've never tried #37 for instance. I like Sheiko, I can fit it into my life, but it does tend to beat up on a guy, and maybe it's time to think about alternatives. I do know I get better results when the plan's structured - the Sheiko spreadsheet takes the variables out when it says 6x 3x 80%, that's what I do, and that's one of the reasons I like it.

So, what alternatives SHOULD I be thinking about ? All advice welcomed :)

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Monday 10 December


Strength 5x5 strict press - 35, 35, 40, 40, 40

WoD: 8m AMRAP 3x db clean and press, 5x burpees to bar, 7 sit-ups. 5 rounds and a set of C&P.

Light Power workout after work

Front Squats 5x 40, 50, 60, 60 and backsquat 5x 100

DB Bench 10s at 25, 28, 30, 32 kgs

EZ-bar preachers 10s at something, something more, and something heavy.

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Wednesday 12 December

CrossFit at 6am

Skill - Turkish Get-ups... Hint for the unaware: not as easy as you'd think

Strength - BB Thruster - 5s to warm-up then triples to gauge 1RM. Finished with 4x 40 kg, limited by elbow flexibility preventing me from racking on clavicles


3 Rounds For Time of

12 Hand Release Push Up

12 Pull Up (scaled to ring-row)

12 Kettle Bell Swing 24kg Rx

6m33... slow slow slow, but did the press-ups and KB swings to RX.

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Monday 25 February

This evening Boris Sheiko inflicted his revenge for straying from the one true path.... started my prep for the CDs with what should have been a nice simple Sheiko #29 and whack - :puke: it was a test...

Sheiko #29, Week 1, Day 1

Bench [warm-up 1x 20x 40]

1x 5x 60, 2x 4x 70, 2x 3x 89, 5x 3x 90

Squat [warm-up 2x 5x 60]

1x 5x 110, 2x 5x 130, 5x 5x 150


1x 5x 60, 1x 5x 70, 4x 4x 80.

Ran out of time at this point, will be doing press-ups and good mornings for accessory work in a minute...

But ZOMG it was hard, those working sets of squats at 5x5 were "interesting", the bench perhaps less so. Some of it could have been 'cos I was on comparatively low carbs, but a lot of it's down to the slack-ass summer....

Back into it, anyways, now all I need to do is keep it up for nine weeks :pray:

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Saturday 02 March

Trying to fit the programme 'round my life

Sheiko #29 - Week 1, day 2

Deads [warm-up 1x 10x 60]

1x 3x 105

2x 3x 130

2x 3x 150

4x 3x 160

Incline Flies

10x at 15, 17, 20 then realised it was supposed to be a press :doh: so 4x at 23, 25

Dips - 5x 10x

Random rack pulls - the NZAesthetics brigade were all over the place - squatting bare-bar on a Bosu ball in the squat rack, shadow-boxing between sets of 30kg o'head press...

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Monday 4 March

Sheiko #29, Week 2, Day 1

Squats [warm-up 1x 10x 60]

1x 5x 105, 1x 4x 130, 2x 3x 150, 1x 2x 170, 3x 2x 180 - belt from 150 upwards.

Bench [1x 10x 60]

1x 5x 70, 2x 3x 80, 5x 3x 92.5

Machine flies, 3x 10x something or other... meh, it's a machine, who cares.

Accessories and front squats to come.

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Wednesday 06 March

Sheiko #29 Week 2 Day 2

Deads 1x 5x 105, 1x 5x 130, 2x 3x 150, 2x 2x 170, 2x 2x 180...tried some 190s but they weren't moving. Still, Boris only wanted 160s so I'm happy enough for 8 weeks out.

Bench 1x 10x 60 2x 6x 70, 2x 6x 80, 2x 6x 85

Ran out of time at this point.... but everyday life's a necessity to pay the bills....

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Friday 08 March

Sheiko #29, Week 2, Day 3


1x 5x 100, 1x 4x 130, 2x 3x 150, 4x 2x 170 and 1x 2x 175


1x 10x 60, 1x 5x 70, 2x 3x 80, 1x 2x 95, 1x 2x 100, 1x 3x 90, 1x 5x 80 and 1x 7x 70

..at which point the clock ran out... some press-ups to flush things out...

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Monday 11 March

Sheiko #29, Week 3, Day 1


1x 5x 60, 2x 5x 100, 1x 5x 120, 1x 4x 150 (+b), 1x 3x 160 (+b), 1x 3x 160 (belt goes ping) 1x 3x 150 (-b), 3x 3x 160 (-b)


1x 5x 60, 1x 5x 70, 2x 3x 82.5, 4x 3x 92.5....

On the last rep of the second triple at 160, the buckle on my 18-month old Outback let go... thanks to TMQ for the assist with the dismount. I rolled forward, otherwise I'd have thought to drive it out.

Looking at the fractures, it seems at least one bend may have had a crack in it during the bending, which got contaminated during the plating. If you look at the (very blurry) pic you can see the darker piece on the end of the rod.

So, shopping for a welder, and a new belt, for CDs... but happy enough to have felt reasonably confident at 160. I thought about trying 170, but by then my head wasn't in it.


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Monday 18 March

Sheiko #29, Week 4, Day 1


2x 5x 60 warm-up

1x 5x 110

1x 4x 130

2x 3x 150 +sleeves

1x 3x 180 + useless gym-rat belt

4x 3x 170 + belt


1x 10x 40 warm-up

1x 5x 65

1x 5x 75

5x 4x 90 - well, technically it was 4 sets and a triple, got stapled on the last rep...

Random accessory work to finish.

Was surprised at how ineffective the POS gym-rat belt was... it was a relic from before I saw the (powerlifting) light and sure, it had a nice 150mm tall, padded back section but was only 50mm wide at the buckle where it counted... but until the magicians recommended by OB wield their torches on my belt, it was better than nowt.

Training's taking a bit of a back seat atm, moving house this coming weekend, but after that... time to get serious :naughty:

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Friday 22 March

Today's workout will include squats, oh presses, deadlifts, and cardio... moving into our new house, a large truck's worth of stuff to go on, and off, in the space of an afternoon :)

Normal training will resume shortly - onward to CDs and a qualifying total for the Classic Champs.

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Good luck with the move mate don't do what I did and bung your knee for a couple weeks :doh:

See you CD's mate.

Cheers MT, managed to move without too much damage (well, apart from to wallet :( )

Tuesday 02 April

Random get-back-into-groove workout


Warm-up 1x 10x 60

1x 5x 100, 1x 4x 130, 2x 3x 150, 2x 3x 160 (:doh: should have been 170) 2x 3x 170, 1x 3x 180, and a single at 190. Belted from 150, sleeves from 150.


Warm-up dislocations and 1x 10x 40

1x 5x 60, 1x 4x 70, 2x 3x 82.5, 2x 3x 92.5, 3x 2x 100


Warm-ups 1x 10x 60

1x 5x 100, 1x 5x 130, 2x 3x 150, 2x 3x 170, 2x 2x 180, 1x 1.5x 180... belted from 150.

Assessment: squats are on-track, bench probably hasn't suffered too much, but deadlifts are definitely not where I'd want them to be, and will repay some serious focus over the run-up to the CDs.... :oops:

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Saturday 06 April - three weeks to go

Porirua City Fitness - nope, that closes at 5, wtf :doh:

Thorndon City Fitness

Mil Press

20x bar, 5s at 30, 35, 40, 45, 45, 45, 45 - missed a last-rep in one of the 45s, grip too wide. Pulled it in a bit at TP's suggestion, better


10x 100, 5x 140, 4x 160, 4x 170, 3x 2x 180 - tried 190 a coupla times, head wasn't in it, probably could have made it if fresher, but at least form's coming back


10x 40, 8x 60, 5x 70, 5x 82.5, 3s at 90, 1x 2x 95, 3x 90, and a competition single at 95, TP reckoned there was a second rep there...

Had to call time on it at that point, more time would have meant rack pulls and accessories... but things were feeling toasted at that point so it probably wouldn't have been too productive.

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Friday 12 April


[warm-up 1x 10x 60, 1x 5x 100]

1x 5x 140, 1x 3x 160, 1x 3x 170, 1x 2x 180, then 1x 1x 190 and 2x 1x 200.

Belt and knee-sleeves from 160 upwards.

Walk-out - 220kg, probably about top-quarter range. Felt good, probably just about within range.

Walk-out - 260kg.. TMQ had racked the bar a notch lower in the rack than we normally use, so I just hopped under it and stood up a few times, probably only the top eighth... but knees were unlocked, knees were locked... and perhaps by the end of the year...

Happy with that.... first 200kg was marginal for depth, but second was good on depth, came up OK.

Must be the carry-over from the new belt... :-) : \:D/

Thanks to training partner for the workout - wouldn't have tried the 260 if he hadn't had it there...

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Monday 15 April

bit of a tester for bench and deadlifts


Warm-up - dislocations and round-the-worlds x heaps

[1x 10x 40]

1x 5x 60, 1x 5x 70, 1x 5x 80, 1x 3x 90, 1x 2x 100, 1x 1x 105, missed a 110 :madman: 2x 1x 100 paused


1x 10x 100, 1x 5x 140, 1x 5x 160, 1x 2x 170, 1x 2x 180, 1x 1x 190 - had a go at 200 but kept stalling mid-shins so decided to keep it for competition.

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Thursday 18 April

Another wee scoping session for CDs


[warm-up 1x 10x 60]

1x 5x 100, 1x 5x 120, 1x 5x 140, 1x 3x 160 and four or five singles at 180, working on reinforcing how low to go....


[warm-up 1x 10x 60]

1x 5x 70, 1x 5x 80, 1x 3x 90, 1x one or two :shrug: at 95...

and the clock ran out...

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Wednesday 24 April

Seated DB Shoulder Press

1x 10x 15, 1x 10x 20, 1x 10x 23

Inclined DB Press

3x10@20, 25, 30

HS Row

1x10@40, 1x 10x 50 (simultaneous), 1x 10x 60kg - alternate arms

Hyper Ext

1x10 +10kg, 1x 10x +20, 1x 10x +40kg

EZ Bar Curls

3x10@27, 32, 27kg

Seated DB Ext

1x10@30, 1x 5x 40,1x 6x 40kg

And then, 'cos CityFatness was having some sort of a competition,

Row 500M 1:50s at 10 on the dial.... thought I was doing well 'til training partner came along and blew me outta the water with his 1m36.... smiley-sad058.gif

And now we wait...

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Saturday 27 April - CD Champs

The run-up.... was interesting. For a variety of reasons, I'd been staring at tripping out of the U120s and up into SHW, but thanks to advice from my training partner, and also this article on making weight I weighed-in just under the 120kg mark. Thanks also to my training partner for his support in the build-up...for a number of reasons, including moving house a month ago, training had been patchy - whilst I was reasonably confident in my squat, bench was down and deadlifts... I'd been struggling to move 190s in training.

In order to make weight, I'd been paying attention to hydration but woke up dry, and stayed dry 'til weigh-in, then spent the rest of the day trying to stoke the fires with food and water, so much water...

At this point I have to say many thanks to OB for pointing out what he'd already told me, that weigh-in was at 0730, not 9am... so, the first achievement was turning up on time.

Having weighed in, and been told I was still U120, things got simpler 'cos I was able to define my goals:

a. first, post a total (i.e. don't bomb out) to ensure I'm up for Nationals (as I understand it, my total from last year's BBro should have qualified me, but that needed to be coupled with a total at regionals);

b. secondly, (re-qualify) for equipped nationals (whilst lifting raw) by exceeding 480; and

c. thirdly, having a good hit-out to see how I'd been going.


1. 180 WWW

2. 195 WWW

3. 205 0r 210 - doesn't matter, I lost mental focus and didn't even come close to depth... rookie mistake, should have kept my head in the game. There was strength there and I feel I'd have made it were it not for not paying attention! :doh1:


1. 100 WWW

2. 105 WWW

3. 110 WWW - Don't think I actually dropped a light, but got a strong suggestion about pointedly locking elbows after first lift, made sure of the other two.


1. 180 WWW

2. 195 WWW

3. 200 WWW - again, I can't recall whether I dropped any lights in deadlifts, but all three lifts were good so if there were any, it was only one :) Not claiming any perfection, just can't remember. Was actually relieved to pull a 200 after such a backwards build-up on deadlifts, and there might have been a little more in there.

Total: 505.... and I'm actually quite chuffed about that.... it's only 5kg less than my total from Nationals (if i remember right) and whilst it's quite a bit less than the BBro last November, that total is more than I should have got for the amount of training I invested. Plus, I'm qualified for Nationals, and I can now start thinking about plans to build on that.

My thanks again to OB and Mrs OB, to the CDPA for a superbly run comp, to the spotter-loaders, who must have had one heck of a day, 51 lifters!, the team on the desk, and to all the other lifters - it was an awesome day. Sorry we couldn't join you at the Genghis Khan....

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Monday 20 May

started the build-up to NZPF Nationals by mapping back - it's eleven weeks yesterday....

Sheiko #29, Week 3, Day 1


[warm-up 5s at 60, 100]

1x 5x 125, 1x 4x 150, 2x 3x 170, 4x 2x 190

Metal flat shoes, belt from 150, knee sleeves from 170


[warm-up dislocations and 1x 10x 40]

1x 5x 65, 1x 4x 75, 2x 3x 90...at which point the clock ran out...

Not happy to have cut the workout short, but the doubles at 190 were OK. I've upped the 1RM settings to help lift my performance, we'll see how we go when I get to 90 or 95%...

Plan at this stage is:

a. half Sheiko #29 (2 weeks),

b. full Sheiko #29 (4 weeks),

c. Sheiko 5-week comp (5 weeks), which helps handling the taper.

I'll do some cardio/ conditioning twice/week, and clean up the diet to drop a little weight and give me some room to power-up the carbs when needed.

It's not imaginative, it's probably conservative, but I'm aiming to take a slightly risk-averse approach - better to train safe and get to compete, than pop a gasket in training and watch...

Well, that's the plan.... now there's nothing to it but to do it smiley-scared003.gif

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Wednesday 22 May

Sheiko #29, Week 3, Day 2

Deficit Deads

[warm-up- two tiles/foot for deficit, 1x 10x 60, 1x 5x 100]

three tiles/ foot for deficit: 2x 3x 120, 2x 3x 140, 4x 3x 150 (belted)


[warm-ups dislocations times many, 1x 10x 40]

1x 5x 62.5, 1x 4x 75, 2x 3x 90, 3x 2x 100, 1x 2x 105, 1x 1.5x 105 (stapled), 2x 3x 100

Rack-pulls - bar mid-shins

[warm-ups 1x 10x 60, 1x 5x 100]

1x 4x 140, 2x 4x 160, 2x 3x 180... then the wheels came off.

Script called for 3 doubles at 205, but something pinged in right lumbar, so gave it away.... nothing serious, from how it feels, nothing some nurofen gel and anti-inflammatories won't fix :)

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Thursday 23 May

Cardio - circuit class - 12 stations, twice through, in three blocks of eight, 1m block, 15s transitions. Ow.

Friday 24 May

Sheiko #29, Week 3, Day 3

Squats w/ Metal flats

[warm-up 1x 5x 60, 1x 5x 100]

1x 5x 120, 1x 4x 140, 2x 3x 160 (+belt), 6x 3x 180 (+sleeves)


[warm-up dislocations x many]

1x 5x 65, 1x 4x 75, 5x 3x 90.

Squats took a while, ate into bench time. Scaled it back for bench a wee bit too... overall, though, happy with the top-set of squats... even tho the last set wasn't a triple but a 2+1 and a bit high to boot... first few were about RPE 8.5, getting up to 9.5 by the end. Total tonnage, 5360 kg in 31 reps.

Not so happy about curtailing bench, though. Will have a study of the programme and workout which day (of Monday or Friday) I should cut short the full squat routine in favour of a full bench routine. But overall, not a bad way to finish the week.

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Monday 27 May

Sheiko #29, Week 4, Day 1


[Warm-ups 10x bar, 5x 60, 5x 100]

1x 5x 120, 1x 4x 140, 2x 3x 160, 5x 5x 180

Metal flats, belt from 160, sleeves for 180s.


[Warm-ups dislocations x heaps, 1x 10x 40]

1x 5x 70, 1x 5x 82.5, 5x 4x 95

Happy with that - although the conditioning stuff is still to come. The lighter volume made a difference on the squats, not quite such a grind, 4820 kg in 30 lifts.

Bench was good too - despite cruddy blunt gnurling on bar at CF Thorndon, managed to knock out the fours...the cueing about trying to rip the bar apart seemed to help. Onward!

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