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Upper/Lower strength training Split

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Hey guys,


been talking to a trainer online, who reckons I should do this upper lower strength training routine. To me it looks like there’s not enough of each muscle group to be beneficial. The way I’m ment to do it is. Monday- Upper Tuesday-Lower Weds-Off Thursday-Upper (again) Thursday-Lower 2 and on weekend I can do optional day. What’s your thoughts on this.



5x5 bench
3x8 close grip bench
3x8 overhead press
3x10 lat pulldowns
3x10 db rows
3x10 pullups (assisted, body weight, or weighted as needed)
3x10 incline curls

Lower 1
5x5 squat
3x8 stiff leg dead
3x10 front squat
3x10 leg curls
3x10 hip thrusts
3x10 seated calf raises

Lower 2
5x5 dead
3x8 front squat
3x10 stiff leg dead
3x10 leg extensions
3x10 hip thrusts
3x10 standing calf raises
Optional accessory day 1
3x10 lat raises
3x10 incline curls
3x10 face pulls
3x10 standing calf raises
3x10 seated calf raises


Optional day 2

3x10 lateral raises
3x10 cable tri pushdowns (wide grip)
3x10 cable tri pushdowns (close grip)
3x10 incline curls
3x10 hammer curls
3x10 face pulls
3x10 incline shrugs

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