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Hey guys with how well Ev is doing on the Asian MMA scene he needs some more kiwi support! Although he is Malaysian he spent most of his life here and he has the NZ flag on his banner.


He answered a few questions for me at the link.His social media pages are also included in the link please give his page a like.





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Ev is an awesome athlete and has had some great wins lately. Was always good working with him under the Nutratech banner. Can't be far off a title fight again?


If he wins his next fight in May he should get a title shot.Especially with his current form.

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Oh yeah? Do you know what time?


Sorry just seen this now,


Yea he lost via rear naked choke dam it, But to be honest most people where worried this was going to happen as his opponent is an elitle level grappler.It shows the level of One championship now though as Dan hooker (his training partner, same weight class) is really confident Ev could hang in the UFC.

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