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FIFA World Cup 2014

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you're right, the Germans will come in very confident, did you see how it started Vs the Brazilians? The South Americans looked pumped early on and really amped, while the Germans were very calm, and then we all saw how that ended up.


Argentina did well but seeing how they are all about Messi, I don't know how well they will do, 3-1 might be pushing it, but you never know, no one saw the Germans scoring 7 vs the host even without 2 of their biggest players


(I predicted 2-1 for Ned today, was right on the total amount of goals scored lol)


as a side note, the more I watch soccer, the more I hate it now, everyone dives, especially Ruben aka the flying dutchman lol, shit like this really ruins a sport, the amount of dives they do make WWE look like a legit sport!

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Or alternatively..... neither side gets any points at all for most of the game. :P

Gotta say though, if you're only going to have one goal scored in an entire game, this was the one you'd choose. It was a beauty, wasn't it?

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