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Ladder Drills

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Never used it for rugby, just general agility with a sprint focus but it's all the same focus really. With ladder drills you can just let your imagination take over, but I'll try describe a few simple/effective ones. 

For stop/starting putting both feet forward into a section, then one foot back into the previous section and pushing off that foot forward again into the next section. So 2 feet forward, 1 foot back.

For a little side stepping, you always have to keep 1 foot inside the ladder. You move forward and then sideways, then forward then sideways and progress along as fast as you can. So if your body is on the left side of the ladder, right foot will be in it, then step sideways so you're on the right side of the ladder with left foot inside it, then step forward to the next section and repeat. 

And of course the basic both feet have to touch inside each section as you go through as fast as you can drill.

Honestly I always preferred stair runs for building foot speed/coordination with the added benefit of constantly having to push forward and up so it relates better to sprinting and power production, the hard part is finding stairs long enough and with a small enough step.


Here's a quick vid that shows the side stepper well.

They're putting both feet inside each time which obviously requires a bit more foot speed and bit less lateral movement. If you want to work on cutting/dodging a bit more, the one foot inside the ladder and almost jumping side to side requires a bigger movement and more forceful recovery, though a little slower. Both would be useful. 

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