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  1. Chicken Breasts Mad Butcher

    Stay away from Turks chicken. The meat is very tough.
  2. Diet feedback

    I team, I wanted to drop a note to let you know how my progress is going. I've since cut out all fruit, replaced the apple and banana in my diet with 200gm of vegies (including capsicum as recommended by Pseudonym). Over the last week or so my weight has dropped down from 76.4kg to 75.3kg. Although I haven't had body fat measured there is a significant difference in my abs. Serratus Anterior, Intercostal muscles and Oblique’s are clearly more visible and pronounced. To me this is a sure sign that body fat has lowered. I will keep you up to date as I progress further.
  3. Cleanest Protein Powder?

    I also use Dymatize ISO Whey 100. In terms of calories per serve it's pretty light at 106. No carbs, no fat no sugar.
  4. Diet feedback

    Awesome. I've replaced the Banana with 150 gm of Broccoli and next week I’ll introduce the capsicum to replace apple. I'll see how I progress next week and then look at the diary and reduction in total calories per day if nothing has changed. Thank you for your feedback.
  5. How much do you spend on food a week?

    You won't get food poising. That is a complete misconception. The chicken stay's moist if you cook it correctly. We cook everything else fresh every day except the chicken for lunches. Works for us and we've been doing it for ages. I find it funny when people throw around the food poisoning thing. It's actually rather difficult to get food poisoning.
  6. YOLO

    Hahahaha. Brilliant call sir!
  7. 400kg leg press!

    Very solid leg press.
  8. How much do you spend on food a week?

    My girlfriend and I spend roughly $250 per week. Most of the money goes to chicken breast, canned tuna and fresh vegetables. It's always a score when you get 1kg of chicken breast for $10 and x2 Sealord Tuna 185gm for $4. We cook a week’s worth of chicken for lunches on Sunday afternoon, weigh it all, bag it and throw it in the fridge. Preparation is most definitely key. I also boil 2 dozen eggs for snacks throughout the week. I have no idea how people live on sub $100 a week. Maybe I'm just a fussy bastard.
  9. Diet feedback

    Agreed AZIDE. I think I'll have to make food adjustments weekly. I'll roll with this plan for the rest of this week (minus the fruit) and then reassess Sunday. I'd prefer not to include further cardio but if in a couple of weeks I can't get my stubborn body to the last bit of fat, I’ll throw another session in. Does anyone have any recommendations for fruit replacement?
  10. Diet feedback

    Hi there, thank you for your reply. I lost around 200 grams in a 2 week period and although it's fat loss to me the progress was a little too slow. I'd prefer to get the diet spot on than incorporate further HIT training if possible. If I was to replace the fruit, what would you recommend I eat in its place? Generally I'll have an apple and tuna for my morning snack and the Banana and Eggs for an afternoon snack.
  11. Diet feedback

    Hi guys, I would love a bit of feedback in terms of my diet at present. I have a decent understanding of what my body requires but love to learn from others and am quite keen on taking on feedback. The goal is to strip down to 8% in the next 4-5 weeks. I've had an awesome year of training thus far. My PT measured my bf yesterday and it's currently sitting at 9.7%. My weight is currently 76.4kg, I'm 5'10 tall and male. My calorie maintenance is based on the Katch-McArdle method which is as follows: BMR = 370 + (21.6 x LBM) Where LBM = [total weight (kg) x (100 - body fat %)]/100 LBM: 76.4 x ((100-9.7)/100)) = 68.99 Base Metabolic Rate (BMR): 370 + (21.6 x 68.99) = 1,860 Activity factor: 1.5 roughly (desk job, weight training x3 times per week, x2 HIT trainings) Total Energy Expenditure (TEE): 1,860 x 1.5 = 2,790 calories required for maintenance. I originally subtracted 500 calories for cutting which put the calories per day at 2,290. I'm quite keen to ramp it up a little further and have cut calories down to 2,000 per day as there were no significant changes over a 2 week period. I've kept Protein high due to calorie deficits and HIT training. I'm trying to minimize total carbs per day but don't have a specific target in mind, thoughts? Also, what are your thoughts on fats? I use my fast digesting whey protein post work out and take BCAA's pre and post to ensure my muscles don't get eaten alive. I take omega 3 fish oil tabs every morning and a good multi vitamin. I drink a huge amount of water throughout the day. I train each muscle group once per week and ensure they are pushed through to failure. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.