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  1. Bet every cent you have.....

    Free money again today. Starts in one hour South Africa to beat Canterbury in the cricket. Hammer it as if its already won :pfft:
  2. Bet every cent you have.....

    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ \:D/
  3. On SBW to beat Tillman. If you like money just do it. All I will say is.....nudge, nudge, wink, wink. :pfft:
  4. Impact of sunshine on muscle growth?

    Interesting discussion, cheers guys.
  5. Just got back from overseas. Got way more sunshine than usual. all I know is I'm far more muscular (not just the tanned look making it look that way, actual muscle). My query is this......two scenarios, lets say you have the same/similar workout program and diet But one variable is different one you get 4-5 hours of sunshine per day....... the other 30 mins. How much of an impact would you say this has on muscle growth?
  6. Most hated NZ sports people?

    Haha I thought you were trolling before but now I know you're just trying to get a reaction :nod: Catherine Latu was the most accurate goal shooter in the 2011 ANZ Cup at 93.2% and scored the 3rd highest number of goals at 449 - more accurate and more goals than Irene :shock: Cmon mate, you're starting to sound like the talk back from Radio Sport :roll: Decent shooter yes. But her mobility lets her down. Would be a much better player if she was fit and stopped eating so much KFC.
  7. Most hated NZ sports people?

    I forgot one : Catherine Latu.......probably the most unfit elite sportsperson to play a sport where fitness is a priority.
  8. Most hated NZ sports people?

    No, feel great.....as everything I said is spot on the money..... thanks for your concern
  9. Its times like this I wish we had the death penalty in nz.
  10. Most hated NZ sports people?

    Ok maybe hate is too strong a word. Dislike better. David Tua.....great talent at his sport. But lacks dedication to it and a strong work ethic. Hell i'm sure there are many people on this board with a stronger work ethic to BB. Most if all aren't being paid large sums of money to do so. Brendon McCullum.....attitude problem, thinks he's much better than what he is. Jesse Ryder......similar to Tua. James Franklin.....he's soft mentally and physically and it shows. Ma'a Nonu.....thug, both on the field and off the field.
  11. Who you got? Mine : David Tua, Brendon McCullum, Jesse Ryder, James Franklin, Ma'a Nonu.
  12. tyson in his prime. how much bf?

    tyson in his prime. how much bf? Lower than David Tua in his prime.

    Inept from Cameron. Chicks fight was actually the best.
  14. Crossfit, Why does everyone bag it?

    Don't know many that do bag it
  15. TUA v BARRETT - third bout highly likley.

    Stood to win 12k on their first fight in Atlanta, If Barrett had won. Biggest load of BS I've ever seen in sport, when it went to the judges and the result that occured. Anyone who watched that first fight will know what I mean.