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  1. Grams of protein during a cut?

    up them !
  2. what is the best muscle bulking supplement

    Whey: honestly whatevers cheap (: Creatine: Myocytin!
  3. JACK3D

    the first week of taking jack3d, broke all my PBs in that 1 week (squat/bench & deadlift) im most likely gonna cycle my jack3d thou, 4 weeks on 2 weeks off any comments on cycling ?
  4. Zyzz dead

  5. Zyzz dead

  6. for 'looks' i don't really have a fav, i just want everything to look smooth & connect equally (not having big arms & small chest). but my fav area to work has to be legs atm, i love the burn you get from this, and the desire to push harder @ each rep. the worst/boring to train is still abs
  7. nose bleeds

    im curious if its bad or dangerous to get nose bleeds when lifting weight? i did back/bis today, was on my 3rd set on deadlifts & went for 190kg and rep'd 4 (PB'd too), was gonna try for 5 but i stopped cause i noticed the blood dripping from my nose.
  8. thanks for replys ! (: ill try some of the things you guys advised me to do. i just did obliques today with calves thou. hopefully it goes away b4 my next ab session.
  9. abs been sore for 7 days, should i keep resting ? the reason they're most likely sore is because, last week on wednesday i did my first ab work since feb tomorrow i got abs again, and was wondering if i should keep resting. I've never had this much fatigue before, its pretty bad :shock: was even hard today just getting on the decline bench for some DB flys answer is probably yes keep resting but any ideas why my abs taking so long to recover :shock: it sucks cause for once i was actually looking forward to ab work
  10. Protein Intake

    what about carbs
  11. can you still gain good results from living off 1 source of protein ? i want to just have tuna/pasta/veges for pretty much meal 2,3,4 & 5. meal 1 and 6 will be different ideas ? the point is trying to gain muscle w/o spending a shitload on different types of food/proteins and shit.
  12. if you dont need a spotter when doing ANY lifting your doing it wrong peroid :grin:
  13. Stretch marks

    i've had stretch marks on my tear drop muscle , bicep and around my armpit area. The armpit one is the worst , real dark purple , bicep and tear drop one is light red. im just curious , what does it actually mean if you're getting stretch marks ? am i gaining weight too fast ? i noticed the tear drop stretch mark developed once i switched my quad/ham day by itself so i could hit them harder.
  14. rate my split

    yeah, i think with this split i'll be over-training, unless i take steroids :grin: anyway im gonna try take on what trainlikeafreak said and do 2 on 1 off style will give me 6 days recov before hitting legs again so im gonna make sure i hit them hard. @AM sessions, what if i have some protein/carbs b4 hitting the gym + BCAA intra would that be algd for calves/abs in the morning + light cardio for ~20mins ? (light cardio either inlcline walk or 20min jog on 12kph) or should i just skip cardio altogether since im bulking anyway ? thanks for opinions btw
  15. rate my split

    i don't really feel over-trained or fatigued with 1 day rest between chest&shoulders but idk maybe on the safe side i might fiddle with this split later on down the track if i start feeling it. what do you mean by this ? sorry im pretty lost atm :doh: how much times should i do my calves a week ? and yeah i'll take that in and put abs once a week cause i don't like doing abs :grin: