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  1. I'd probably agree with Graham, the body will recover just fine. If you've damaged your testes it won't simple as that.. Once leydig and sertoli cells are dead there's nothing you can do about it..
  2. TRT from Endo and Honesty

    Don't mention it..
  3. Is eating meat harming my penis?

    The film is a crock of shite, don't believe vegan lies and propaganda ..
  4. Avoid EMF exposure..
  5. Thailand test

    No it isn't, its a mix of propionate and enanthate with half lives of about 0.8 days and 4.5 days respectively.. Kick starting is retarded..
  6. NPP for joints

    Youre better off with whole foods..
  7. Weet-bix

    Might I assume the research was conducted by the junk food industry.? Processed or whole grains are no longer seen as healthy, due to elevating insulin, inducing intestinal permeability, chronic inflammation, plus WGA's effects upon the nervous system.. etc etc..
  8. Reandron / Nebido

    I had the half life figures somewhere, and didn't think it was prudent to inject such a large dose spaced at 10 weeks, as with any exogenous testosterone, injecting ED, or EOD can be inconvenient to achieve a more balanced plasma level.. Because of its longer carbon chain I don't see why undecanoate cant be injected every week at a reduced amount..
  9. Info on Anavar

    Anavar is reputed to present with minimal side effects, it's used mostly by females now at a relatively low dose 5mg-30mg/day.. Back in the day it was a popular oral before injectables became mainstream.. Genuine anavar can be very difficult to source..
  10. Tren cut

    More is not necessarily best when it comes to Trenbolone, youre already on 500mg test, 175mg is enough of tren.. Plus you dont state how heavy you are, so difficult to ascribe a dose when body weight and composition is not known..
  11. After cycle no sperm

    Nandrolone can be quite suppressive of GnRH, metabolites can linger for months after cessation.. Maybe wait longer than 2 months before testing again.. Are you aware damage can be likely on-cycle to leydig and sertoli cells of the testes via oxidative free radicals, this damage can be permanent, no amount of PCT can undo damage to dead cells, thats why on-cycle protection should be employed...
  12. Probiotics

    What are you referring to regards "gut clean"..?
  13. Its not about increasing blood LH & FSH on cycle, its about limiting cellular destruction via oxidative free radical damage..
  14. Anyone still following>?

    Pretty sad, when you remember how it used to be eh'..
  15. Stop testicular damage on cycle, rather than addressing the issue post-cycle when its too late..