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  1. Dream Tan - Which Colour?

    No 2? you mean Red / Brown?
  2. So there is Red / Brown and Gold Brown, which is the best? dont want to look orange, will have 2 dark spray tans the day before the comp, have had no sunbeds.. Thankyou! :grin:
  3. Hi there, im prepping for the NABBA AK Champs, 6 weeks left... im doing an hours cardio (fast walk) at 5am every morning, should I eat breakfast first or eat when I get back?? worried about losing muscle.. Thanks!!
  4. Training progress for 2010

    Top effort there buddy, good solid diet.. heaps of food. Excellent progress :clap:
  5. Steriod use at Auck champs in May

    Thanks Usual Suspect for that, although I dont use, it does not bother me that some do... If I thought I could use gear with no risk of side effects, I prob would too.
  6. I am new to the scene and a little curious about what percentage of people you think competing would have used gear. Please dont be offended by this post, im very neutral on the subject and would never judge others if they have. Personally I dont, simply because the thought of needles / side effects scares me...
  7. Oh dear I just ate...

    Ahrrrr but here I am back after 11 hours sleep (in bed at 6pm up at five) and off to do 90 mins cardio :clubbed:
  8. DOMS

    Everyones pretty spot on here dude.. keep it up!!
  9. Oh dear I just ate...

    EVERYTHING! Plus 4 beers... oh well :puke: Have trained 5/5 this week.. back in there tomorrow :dancing:
  10. So which one is the best? or a mixture of both?? your thoughts please!
  11. Hamstrings..

    P.S i dont care how much pain is involved haha.. :pray:
  12. Hamstrings..

    Whats the best exercise for making them grow... fast! :idea2:
  13. Aye? Really?

  14. 16 weeks out

    Damn!! thats massive... :notworthy: