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  1. Reandron / Nebido

    Cheers for the reply, started working out at the gym more often now and thought I'd get better results stabilizing the dose out across the 10 weeks, rather than test levels crashing the last few weeks waiting for the next vial. I'll get it a try next vial.
  2. Finaplix

    Is this stuff still available?
  3. Reandron / Nebido

    Usually administered in one hit (4ml) every 10 weeks, but I've heard it's better to spread out the dosage to 1ml every 8-10 days until the next vial is due, anyone tried this? Reandron 1000mg test undecanoate.
  4. Getting syringes and needles in NZ

    Bought mine in bulk (needles) from capes medical online
  5. Thailand test

    Another idea would be to look at other steroids that would complement the Reandron to increase muscle mass. Dianabol maybe, if I can still find it? Anyone have any suggestions or experiences on in Thailand?
  6. Thailand test

    Currently on Reandron every 10 weeks, 0.25mg arimidex (Rolin) every other day at the start, due to itchy nipples. Started working out abit and thinking of topping up with a cycle of Testoviron depot next time I'm over in the land of smiles, to increase muscle mass, any thoughts? Usually head over to Pattaya twice a year pre-covid and absolutely blown away with what you can buy over the counter in the local pharmacies over there. As I'm approaching fifty yrs old, looking at boosting my test levels while I'm over there, any ideas about this lads?