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  1. Lumbar spine. Possibly pinched nerve. Weight Belt

    What did you injure? What’s your training goal like is it powerlifting or BB? I was out for 18months and really until 2yrs I got back to being able to go full out, I strained a muscle in low back and hamstring which pinched a muscle deep in my hip and kept aggravating the sciatic nerve. I never used the belt only on the heaviest lifts like say a 5rep dead or bent over row. Squats not really. The belt would compress the injury worse so I just worked on strengthening the lower back and hamstring and stretching like a muthafucker worked a charm. maybe it’s different case for you but I just don’t think they’re needed unless it’s a powerlifting double or max lift?
  2. Testosterone boosters

    Hey man, to be honest save you time and money they simply don’t work, you can do it all that with diet and hard training. Those 2 things will ensure your T levels will be as optimal as they can for your body. There’s no cookie cutter one size fits all number but to get your levels as optimal or upper end of normal diet is the one. Meat, sufficient sodium intake, getting the minerals for foods like veg fruit and eggs plus slamming the weights to illicit the bodies need to release hormones and then the biggest one enough sleep and rest. Money better spent on the food my friend just my 2cents hate to see you getting taken by a business 👍🏻
  3. Covid 19 Home Gyms Set Ups

    Some great gym setups here fair play to everyone!! The garage warriors are starting to shine now that gyms are closed. I had setup my gear ages back and did a basement conversion it’s now the gym dungeon have the plates and holders and various bars and a pair of FID benches.