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  1. I am looking for a workout app that can help you get in some exercise no matter where I am, even if it's not inside a gym. An app that offers tips, guided routines, and tracking tools. I didn't go back to the gym since the start of the pandemic last year, still afraid to go back. But I make sure that I do my workouts at home. Can you recommend the best workout app? the one I have now is full of crap.
  2. Anne ah far

    What's the question?
  3. Safe posterior chain exercises

    I think you should be asking an expert about this, to make sure you do not get hurt
  4. What Exercise Is Best For Anxiety?

    Thanks a lot. will keep that in mind
  5. Someone told me that exercise can help improve mood and reduce anxiety. How does exercise help a person with anxiety and what exercise is best?
  6. Outdoor Exercises In Spring

    I'll try this, thanks!
  7. I haven't gone to the gym since the lockdown, I just used my treadmill at home. Now that it's finally springtime, what exercises can I do outdoors other than running/jogging? I ran around the neighborhood yesterday and I really felt happy, because I can finally smell the fresh air and the weather is really perfect. How about you, do you also like spring?
  8. Seems like the forum is inactive
  9. Weet-bix

    didn't like weetbix
  10. Info on Anavar

    I heard that this drug has caused serious, sometimes fatal liver problems including liver failure, liver cysts, and liver tumors.
  11. Challenges You Encounter

    How about your personal life, have you experienced any difficulties that may have affected you tremendously? Do you have any experience with counselors?
  12. As a bodybuilder, what are the usual challenges you encounter? What have you done to fix it?
  13. Gym Flooring

    check out https://www.rubberflooringinc.com/
  14. Prohormones in NZ, are there any?

    Maybe you can check out Amazon if they have, and you can have It shipped internationally
  15. Plus Fitness 24/7 gym, Snap Fitness and Anytime Fitness
  16. Hello everyone

    Hi, welcome. not much happening around here anymore
  17. New gymnation member

    welcome to the forum, but this forum is actually not that active anymore
  18. Modvigil

    Is it safe to take?
  19. Outdoor Exercises In Spring

    Saw this article and will try it out https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2015/04/16/outdoor-exercises_n_7081492.html
  20. Empty

    Empty what? Empty forum?
  21. Outdoor Exercises In Spring

    Thanks a lot! Do you have any plans this spring?
  22. Pukekohe new member

    Welcome to the forum. I think this forum is no longer active
  23. New Member

    I think everyone's gone, this forum is pretty much dead.
  24. Anyone have a supplier of HCG

    what are the benefits of hcg?
  25. Do supplements work?

    Supplements can't provide you with maximal muscle gains if your nutrition and exercise programs are lacking. To gain muscle, you need to eat enough calories and protein, as well as exercise, ideally with weights. Once your nutrition and exercise regimens are in check, you may want to consider dietary supplements.