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  1. The Facebook group: “Testosterone Replacement New Zealand” was helpful.
  2. Does any one know of a NZ GP who would do well with an interview based on this video? 10 Questions to ask your GP before TRT Any recommendations of NZ GP's who understand the subject?
  3. You may care to look at the Facebook Group: “Testosterone Replacement New Zealand”.
  4. I have a prescription for Pregnyl 1500IU x 4 ............... Does anyone know where the most cost effective place to buy this from is in NZ?
  5. Hi lmdlmd you might find this link useful https://www.testosteronewisdom.com/nvcoaching/ With Nelson helping, I would then change GP and hope fo a better outcome. Get some of Nelsons books or watch his video’s on excel Male.com and YouTube. Good luck
  6. After quite a lot of research the best I could come up with in NZ was Eric Thorstensen <e.thorstensen@auckland.ac.nz> . He stated that “Estradiol is very difficult to measure to low levels because of the nature of the way it ionises, at best I can measure to 10pg/mL”. He went on to say: “The new(ish) Estradiol 3 assay for Roche analysers has a limit of detection of 5pg/mL which is better than I can measure, I actually use it instead of my LCMSMS method for low samples (plasma)”. I asked the same questions of DiscountedLabs.com in the USA who wrote: “I spoke with a technician at labcorp and he said that the Sensitive Estradiol test lowest range it will read is 5 and any levels lower than that would be reported as less than 5”. No units were stated in the reply. The ticket question number was: 3080 <info@discountedlabs.com> I didn’t follow up because I found that I have a high PSA level ….. My focus has moved to that.
  7. Does anyone know where I can get an Ultrasensitive Estradiol (E2 - Oestradiol - Male assay) test done here in NZ? Auckland/Northland would be preferable.
  8. Sensitive Estradiol Test

    I understand that Estradiol is very difficult to measure to low levels because of the nature of the way it ionises. Auckland University have the LC/MS/MS capability and can measure to 10pg/mL ..... Is this sensitive enough for a Male assay? I thought the Male range was in the region of 13-54 pg/mL.
  9. Sensitive Estradiol Test

    The Dr aspect isn't too important (friendly Dr). The real issue is finding a Lab' that has the capability to do the E2 Estradiol (Male Assay) Sensitive LC/MS/MS test.
  10. Sensitive Estradiol Test

    I would also like to know if it is possible to get an Ultrasensitive Estradiol (E2 - Oestradiol) test done here in NZ? I believe it is vital that the test centre uses Liquid Chromatography/Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS/MS) NOT Immunoassay (IA) test. If you want to see more about the required test I am looking for in NZ ... Have a look at this link https://www.labcorp.com/test-menu/24871/estradiol-sensitive-lc-ms