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  1. Gyno Surgery costs?

    Hey mate, thanks for all the info! It's a shame there is nothing like that here in NZ. I'm glad yours went all smoothly and for a really good price! I'll consider this and will aim to do this this year hopefully. Freezy has another video, with a full update
  2. Hi, Has anyone had gynecomastia surgery done in New Zealand? If so what were the costs involved and is there a way it can be funded? Any insight would be greatly appreciated, even if you haven't had it done but a friend may have etc. Cheers!
  3. Hi team, I have jumped from 69kg to 74kg in the space of 2 weeks. I was dieting down and was on about 1800cals a day, and then for the past 2 weeks I decided to take a break and completely blew out. I would not be surprised if I was having like 5k+ calories daily (the cravings were real, and i'm surprised I can stomach that much food lol..) I'm looking to hop back on the diet etc, what is the best move? What would you do? Thanks
  4. I've tried their clenbuterol. It was garbage. I worked my way up to 200mcg in a day and barely even any shakes? (if it was quality I should have been shaking even at 80mcg lol...)
  5. Hi guys, Another probably easy question but I thought i'd ask it just to get some opinions. With clenbuterol, you typically start on 20mcg and then up it by 20mcg per day etc, util you hit a comfortable dose 100-120mcg and stick to that for the remaining days. I was wondering if you guys ever tapered backed down? eg 120mcg day 10, 100mcg day 11, 80mcg day 12, 60 mcg day 13, 40 mcg day 14? How have you guys down it, and what do you rekon has worked the best? Thanks
  6. What is your salary/hourly rate?

    45k - no benefits at all. I do Administration work. Need more money!!!! Give me some advice fellas, whats some good things to get into etc?
  7. Yeah need it from a credible source and it will definitely do work lol, but yeah diet + train hard along with it and i'm sure there will be some good results
  8. wtf really....? Yeah I know you get a seized letter. But in regards to getting ur address blacklisted, you sure? How does that explain peoples items getting seized one time and then the next they recieve it lol?
  9. Hello, Ok so i'm looking into importing some clen from overseas. I know there is a high chance of it getting seized, and if it does what are the consequences for me personally (if there is any?) Like is there fines/punishment involved? This would be about a few hundred pills, nothing like thousands etc... Just want to know a bit more before I get myself into anything. I could do a bit of research, but I thought i'd just come here and see what you all thought - maybe you know some friends who have had to deal with this etc Thanks
  10. Check out xtremenutrition.co.nz they usually have sales for ON gold standard whey 100% for $90 (5lbs). Also daily check wheydeals.co.nz and nutritiondeal.co.nz Nzmuscle.co.nz is also a great site, sick service. For preworkouts etc, its best 2 buy from bodybuilding.com generally since it works out a lot cheaper (shipping is pretty good since tiny tubs)
  11. Hmmm yeah thats intresting. Thanks for posting Alpha-Pharma have a very good reputation in the UK... just sayin.. Look at them goodies!
  12. Sweet Alpha pharma is pharma grade in India, you can walk into a chemist and buy it. They however do not have a licence to export hence why it is called UG in other parts of the world. There dosing is spot on (its been tested here in the UK) and their maunfacturing standards are far above what a average UG lab would be. Thanks for the confirmation I'll definitely look into buying some
  13. Yeah I'll give it a go, most likely it will get seized lol, but worth a try I spose. Also if I do manage to get it in, I may even look into a pill cutter, so can cut the pill in half, going up in 40mcg seems like a bit haha. You rekon liquid is more likely to make it in than tabs?
  14. Yeah I think I said 4 pills a bit loose there, I think 2-3 will be plenty tbh (really is 80-120mcg). I think I read somewhere they feel kinda underdosed, but still work etc. Are they in Thai? The contact details on there website seems to be from India? Yeah i'm really keen for tabs realtalk, much easier lol just pop a pill and good In terms of cost around $60-70 usd for 150 pills, and $90-100 for 300pills. Shipping is extra lol (150 should be plenty right?) Thanks for the input man, appreciate it
  15. Hi guys and girls, Anyone used these clen tabs? I'll prob start 1 pill (40mcg) and slowly ramp it up to 3-4 pills a day and then ramp down. (2weeks on 2 weeks off cycle) I'll be using some taurine as well 4-5g a day, and eatting a bannana and prob find a potasium supp too. My diet and training will be on point ofcourse, clen is not a miracle drug I know. What other sort of information would I also need 2 consider when on clen etc? I might stack 200mcg caffiene with it as well. All info would be much appreciated, thanks!