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  1. Was he a GP, psychologist, or psychiatrist? I used to be a long time anxiety disorder sufferer and went through extensive treatment. What I've found is that caffeine, which is excessive in many pre-workout, fat-burner, and even some protein products (those claim to not only supplement protine but also burn fat and improve energy level...), is not good for anxiety. Some pre-workout and fat-burners change some users' mood as well. However, lifting improves general health, gets you out of the house, gets you socialised (if you make friends at gym), and improve self esteem, which are all good for reducing anxiery :pfft:
  2. I currently train at CityFitness Northwood but would like to explore what else are out there, now that the gym is packed in the evenings and locks up the changing rooms at 9pm on weekdays and 5pm on weekends. Are Snap and Jetts good? My requirements are simple: open till 10pm or later, with shower available; not so packed; reasonable equipment selection and quality; priced < $30 / week on open term. I only lift weights, never go to classes. Thanks in advance.
  3. Body fat 20%

    Thanks to your advice, everyone. In the last three months or so, I have changed my diet (not extensively, not painfully) by preparing lunches more often and cutting down snacks. My definition has improved a bit :-D, without having to do any cardio.
  4. Body fat 20%

    This, so funny!!! I had high cortisol for a few years, which I think might have caused a fat core. It used to be so big that people did not believe I worked out.
  5. Body fat 20%

    I would have said he was 20percent plus lol, anything above 15ish is fat anyways Guys, 20% is the average, the core is actually over 30% hahaha!! (Used to be 45%!!!)
  6. Body fat 20%

    I think you've pinpointed the problem there. Seriously - it's hard to counter a bad diet through your training, especially if you've got limited training time anyway. My day job is totally desk-bound too, but with a little attention to the diet, there's no reason you can't still have abs. If you don't want to follow a specific diet, all I can suggest in general terms are: - smaller portion sizes - watch the fat content - lower the carbs TBH, sitting at 20% indicates you're eating more than you need to, so probably a simple reduction across the board would make quite a difference anyway. Thanks for the great advice! I have started paying a bit attention to my diet today, by cutting off snacks / junk food as much as possible (I eat A LOT of junk...) and avoiding fatty food. Portion-wise I don't eat much every meal really, but will avoid that extra supper before bed. Aiming at 15%!!
  7. Body fat 20%

    I have been working out since 2001, on and off (sometimes stopped for a couple of months; sometimes did only cardio for a few months)... About half a year ago I decided to do better, and increased workout frequency - only have 30-40 minutes on most days, but try to go every day, with body divided into 4 groups and rotating workout. Half the time I do heavy weights for strength, the other half I do light weights for endurance and muscle size. I do almost no cardio now (due to limited time). My work (software development) does not involve any real physical movement either. My supplements include whey protein, casein protein, (occasionally) fat burner, pre-workout, and (occasionally) BCAA. I cannot really take creatine as I have gout. I have never followed any diet plan, but won't mind follow one casually - cannot do it all the time as I like eating and I dine with family and friends every meal. Any advice on how to lose the fat around the core given my circumstances? Also would like to lose that little bit of man boobs.
  8. Body fat 20%

    An attempt to win the NZ Muscle voucher (Jan 15) draw, hahaha! Criticism welcome! (Added a photo with better resolution, taken more recently with similar bf%)
  9. The cost of getting lean

    Achieving 70%-80% of what I could potentially achieve is good enough for me. If one is really lean and wants to stay in the best form, life quality would be non-existent.
  10. City Fitness gym membership cost?

    Re-signed up for 1 year on $7 / week with CF hahaha this price is awesome! But yes now there are at least twice as many people as there used to be during the hours I visit, I don't remember having to wait for equipments before.
  11. The selfie topic.

    Went back in for a second session tonight and took some more photos :pfft: :pfft: :pfft:
  12. The selfie topic.

    Took one while at gym this morning after seeing the FB post. Little man of Asian descent, 167CM / 79KG.
  13. Unfortunately, our great dairy industry is widely recognised, and other countries pay high prices for our great dairy products. And that means... so does the NZ consumer. I would certainly put more faith in a NZ product, than an American brand that was actually made in Mexico. But without being an expert, quality is hard to determine. For me, the biggest difference is that Americans tend to make everything sickly sweet, whereas the NZ palate is a bit more restrained. Spot on, I am downing some MusclePharm Combat Powder cookie'n cream flavour right now, it is way too sweet for me.
  14. What is your salary/hourly rate?

    Middle 90K's, no benefits at all, just enough to make family survive in today's Christchurch.
  15. Hi guys, Thanks for your previous recommendations on nutrition stores, I managed to purchase some Optimum, Musclepharm, Arnold Series etc proteins at awesome prices Now a new question arises *help* I notice NZ made proteins, such as Balance, are often more expensive than USA imports on per serving basis for similar combination (e.g. WPC + WPI). I thought local ones would be cheaper due to lower labour cost here, great dairy industry, and no international shipping. The fact they are more expensive and still have market, I guess they are great. Having previously heard multiple people saying NZ made proteins are better - is it worthwhile to pay a bit more and get NZ made? PS: I bought a tub of Balance, did not notice any difference to imports, though it mixed better. However, if NZ made protines are indeed better (e.g. more organic), I will stick with NZ ones. *drinks*