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    Does any one know of a NZ GP who would do well with an interview based on this video? 10 Questions to ask your GP before TRT Any recommendations of NZ GP's who understand the subject?
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    dbol is considered more effective at mass building but is that because of the water retention at the non muscular tissue? does winstrol not increase glycogen stores like dbol? or are we bro science'ng this by looking at how much dbol holds water and increases strength and calling it more anabolic just because winstrol doesn't hold water and therefore makes you look not as big? would one still not get as much lean muscle mass on 50mg winny than they would on 30mg dbol? don't get me wrong I'm on 50mg dbol right now on top of my test (finishing off the cycle with dbol) and it is doing wonders so I'm asking this out of curiosity