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2005 awards


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Here are the Official NZ bodybuilding Awrads for the year just past 2005.

(as voted upon by millions via a very complicated exspensive computer system based out of india)

Best male BB 2005-- Mike Dedaham ( by far ,all elese this year were small)

Best female BB 2005-- Anjela Munro ( she could kick any female body builders arse in this country).

Best Competitor 2005-- Tarren Mc Call ( basicly Tarren won every thing there could be to win,national and international, and she is over 40, absoulty amazing).

Best show 2005-- NZFBB Wellighton ( more good things were said about this show than any other, even the nationals)

Biggest insult 2005-- NZFBB and INBA having a hormone clinic as a major sponcer to there shows.

Best press coverage 2005-- Moe Mowasi and the NZFBB

Worst handling of the press 2005--NZFBB and Moe Mowsai

Best comment 2005-- "I admit i dont know any thing about money and finances"( NZFBB Presidents responce to a question over the dept the NZFBB have found themselfs in)

Best comment 2005 runner up-- 'Oh its for all my mates' ( a top natural compettitors responce to his purchase of a whole lot of stanazol)

Most topical topic 2005-- NZFBBs debt ridden state.( huge dept poor managemant)

Best BB website-- NZBB( great new site for the faithful)

Best female politacly correct website--gofiigure(good site but edited way to much to be a true bulletin board)

Most heated subject 2005--- drug testing( so much under handed backstabing effort went in to this subjsct this year)

Most used label 2005--- hypocrit

Best supplement company 2005--- NUTRALIFE ( after all the crap and poor respect shown to Nutralife over the years they still fronted up and paid up)

Biggest waste of talent 2005-- Justin Ryhes( so much potential but breaking the law dosent help)

Biggest talent for 2006--- Moe Mowasi( a true top pro body, will go places even after all the shit he was put through)

Best failed drug test award 2005--- NZFBB athletes( actualy this is based on the fact the NZFBB has the highest failed test percentage than all sports)

Best effort 2005--- All those compettitors whom graced the stage this year!!

Best federation 2005-- NABBA ( just because they go about there business with out any outside un educated influences)

Worst federation 2005-- NZFBB ( this is a given due to the way its affairs have been poorly run this year)

And finaly the grand awrd for 2005 --- THE MOST INFLUENCIAL AND RESPECTED PERSON IN BODY BUILDING 2005 is---------------------- you put who you think( this should be intresting !!!)

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