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Trying to work out my diet


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If you read my post the other day introducing myself, I'm just just following up on that.

Basically I've start a bulking up routine and diet about 2 1/2 weeks ago. I've definately seen some big improvements in my lifts and my weight has increased dramatically (from ~74kg to tipping 80kg at certain times of the day). I'm fairly sure a good deal has gone to muscle, but I'm picking not 4-5 kgs.

I've been eating 5-6 times a day. I don't really have a set menu (as it is influenced by my student budget and what my flatemates are eating for dinner). Foods I eat often include: protein mass shake (500mls milk + 3 scoops of mass powder), baked beans on toast, chicken breasts and steak. I've started trying to add eggs (around 6 scrambled, just started taking most of the yolks out) but am having trouble stomaching it at 6:30AM.

My biggest problem is working around my 7am-4pm work. Packing 3 high protein affordable meals is quite difficult. Any help there?

Also, I'm quite unsure about the whole carbs/fats/protein breakdown. Should I start counting these to achieve some sort of proportion that you see scattered all over the web. I've also read about having carb+protein only then fat+protein only meals at intervals.

Basically, there's a whole lot of conflicting information out there on how to muscle up while minimising body fat gains. What advice do you guys have? What's worked for you?

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At this stage I think you need to just keep to the basics, don't stress to much about ratio of fat to carbs and splitting them up etc. although this works very well, im not sure your ready for this approch.

Buy a big bag of rice 5kg plus from an asian market, egg's by the tray, a load of frozen whole chickens or chicken pieces ( whatevers cheaper ) bags of frozen veg, a large bag of oatmeal and bulk mince ( not the most ideal but just boil it rinse and drain before frying ) and olive oil to help with cal.

Boil up a big pot of eggs each night for the next day, make large batches of chilli or roast a couple of chickens and some veg.

Try and eat every 3 hours or so and every meal should be based around animal protein.

A good way to keep leanish is for every 6-10 weeks of bulking take 2 weeks of very low carb to rapidly drop of any excess fat then back to the cleanish bulk.

Good luck

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