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getting bloods done

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cut and paste off another forum

If you are using AAS and want to remain healthy (which any sane individual does) then the following is a useful guide for getting bloodwork done.

Full Blood Count (FBC)

Androgen count

Estrogen count

Thyroid function

Total Cholesterol (including HDL and LDL)

Liver function

Kidney function

Prostate (PSA)

For the average "healthy" AAS user (If there is such a thing) this array of tests will provide useful information as to your overall health .

If you have a family history of cardiac problems then you might want to consider adding in some specific testing such as cardiac stress testing, (heart health is no laughing matter).

When you attend your Dr to get the paperwork a check of blood pressure and resting heart rate are also recommended as useful indicators to be monitored.

I have been in this game 20 years and firmly believe that you can use BBing meds sensibly without jeapourdising your health but you MUST monitor so corrective action can be taken if necessary.

You only have one body so dont f*ck with it.

Best of luck

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