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Yeah you can do it that way, or put a pin in and boil it in a pot with a little water, it will reduce the pain because some of the BA BB will evaporate off which in turn will leave it more susceptable to becoming unsterile. So just be carefull with it once you have boiled/baked it.

Another form of sterilisation is filtration through a .45 micron syringe filter.

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No it will sterilise it to, though sterile is a relative term open to enterpratation, as soon as the oil comes in contact with air ( when drawing for example ) is no longer "setrile" so the best we can do is make it as clean as possable.

Personally I would boil then filter it, you can get a syginge filter from the needle exchange place just off K road for $0.50

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cheers irongame. how do you use the filter, i tried but very little seemed to make it through the filter into the barrel? just all got conjested in the filter.

then do i transfer to a sterile vial and put it in then bake?

thanks for your help.

Warm the oil-Draw all the oil in to a syringe-attach the filter and then largeish guage needle, 22" would surfice-insert the needle in to the clean vial-and slowly press the plunger down till all the oil passes in to the vial, then remove the needle and put a 24-25" or whatever you have in to the air space above the oil and boil gently for 15min or so.

Some gear is very thick and can clog up filters, you may have to use a larger micron filter, just tell them that its for oil

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