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Last monday went in to hospital for my second respiratory arrest in just over a year.

I havent been near a weight now for two weeks, I have been eating ok, but havent been keeping up with my protein as I should.

Mostly all the Meds they put me on like Prednisone etc are highly catabolic. so I have lost a good bit of muscle mass and strength.

I am both looking forward to and dreading hitting the gym tomorrow after work, cos I know I will be so far behind in my progress.

I am just preying that my muscle memory is good and that I can come back from this 10 fold.

Tonight Im gonna start back on my Protein properly and start knocking back my oatmeal shakes.

Tomorrow morning will be an all over body stretch and mild lifting season to get my muscles warmed up and pumped. then beginning Tuesday with proper chest and so on.

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Hey mate, I was just thinking about you the other day. Sorry to hear about the asthma, but it's good to have you back with us.

I have my own love-hate relationship with prednisone, as I have a chronic sinus condition. My problem's certainly not life-threatening, but I can relate to how much of a pain in the arse these things can be, and how frustrating it is to be unable to fix it.

Anyway, prednisone's definitely not a nice drug, but I can't find any information to suggest that it's catabolic. Generally, a two-week break from training is not going to lose a lot of muscle - in fact, it's often a good thing to let your body recover from the regular punishing you give it in the gym. You might have lost a wee bit of size and strength, but it shouldn't be anything you can't recover pretty quickly.

Whether through injury or just a scheduled rest, we all have to take time off from training now and again. Mostly, the drop in size is largely in our heads. Don't worry about it - everyone feels utterly puny at this point. It's quite normal! :pfft:

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