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Lies, Damned Lies & MuscleTech


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Lies, Damned Lies & MuscleTech


MuscleTech is one of the most heavily marketed bodybuilding supplement brands in the World. Being a typical large(ish) American company, its strengths lie in spending huge sums of money on advertising its nicely packaged, medium quality, over-priced, copy-cat products.

But recently MuscleTech has turned its hand to “innovation”… sort of. They’ve released a run of products that actually are unique to MuscleTech. And they’ve bestowed upon these mysterious products claims even more ridiculous than the laughable tripe they were previously infamous for.

The New MuscleTech Products

Let me get straight to the point and say that all of MuscleTechs latest 'innovations' - Anator p-70, Aplodan, Gakic & Leukic - are utterly useless. They will only induce the drug-like effects MuscleTech claim if you are so gullible and train so badly that you have the capacity to enjoy a strong placebo effect.

But its very easy to guess these new products are going to be useless too; just read what they are actually saying! The supposed science behind these new supplements is completely unintelligible gibberish that infers that the product will transform your physique - irrespective of your training or diet - more dramatically than the most hardcore drug cocktail ever invented!

For instance:

"Anator-p70 is formulated to manipulate those key regulators to ensure your DNA is signaled properly and that it starts to make new muscle tissue".

What the hell does that actually mean? And since when could a compound that directly "manipulates" our physiology get classified as a 'supplement'? Thats a drug. And while nobody at Biologic Labs is against bodybuilding drugs being made freely available, legally they just aren't. So either Anator is a drug or MuscleTech are misleading us. Smart money says its not a drug, so...?

Tall Stories

The MuscleTech claims are even more perplexing given that the draconian FDA (Food & Drug Administration) in the USA has been cracking down HARD on label claims in recent years. Basically, if you use the words ‘anabolic’ and ‘muscle’ in the same sentence you get hung, drawn and quartered! Yet here is some of the outlandish crap MuscleTech claims for its products:

- GENETICALLY triggers rapid & dramatic Muscle Growth (Anator P-70)

- TRIGGERS untapped human growth potential (Aplodan)

- Produces PERMANENT gains in muscle (Leukic)

- STIMULATES muscle growth (Leukic)

If any of these things were even remotely true, imagine the potential for sufferers of muscular dystrophy, AIDS, burn victims or other sufferers of muscle wasting. If the products worked and truly are so well researched, why isn't MuscleTech directing their products to sick people who's insurance companies would happily pay HUGE sums of money? Well that would be because all of these claims are complete and utter bollocks! How did they get FDA approval for such claims? Maybe its because these claims are just so hilariously stupid that the FDA thought even Americans wouldn’t be so stupid to believe them?

Are we really supposed to believe that MuscleTech 'researchers' have somehow discovered how to directly manipulate never-before-heard-of physiological processes that magically and radically redirect our entire metabolism without negative consequence and often only using small doses of basically the same amino-acids we all consume in massive quantities every day anyway? And their researchers managed to do this in just a few years with budgets not even 1/10,000th of a big pharmaceutical company? And then, because they are just such good guys, they sell us meatheads their miracle elixirs for only $100-ish when they could sell them for 1000-times more to the desperately sick people with wasting diseases? I mean come on, please! (note: Anator 'suggests' it has application for the sick... and thats as close as it gets).

MuscleTech brags in its Anator advertising that they took 5 years to develop and over $1million in reasearch. To put that in perspective, Mercedes Benz spends over $1million per DAY in research and thats to advance CAR technology; not uncover the most complicated biological science man has never been able to decipher. And Mercedes don't have to spend tens of thousands of dollars and 6-12 months dicking around for Ethics approval to run EACH little study like researchers at Universities do. Do the math: $1million over 5 years is only $200,000 per year. Large American companies can’t even send a 1-page fax for $200,000! The best they can do is photocopy research someone else did.


There is a very simple rule of thumb for deciding if a supplement is for real: if it works like a drug then it IS a drug and you can't buy it over the counter!

No big company like MuscleTech is going to invest millions of dollars in marketing a product that has a risk of then getting withdrawn by the authorities. So when a company like MuscleTech comes out with any product that promises drug-like effects then you know they are either absolutely full of shit (eg Aplodan, Anator, Gakic, Leukic) or just a copy of a product someone else is doing much better and cheaper (eg HydroxyCut, NitroTech, NA Vapour).

Don't be duped.

NOTE: Very occasionally you will see very small start-up companies come out with something remarkably drug-like. Their products either get popular and then banned/changed or go mainstream and get cheap (eg Creatine). Either way, big companies with big marketing budgets don't do risky products - only risque advertising.

PS: Not only does this apply to Muscle Tech but all other supplements companies to.

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i know your not just talking about muscletech

but this is why i hate muscletech and never have used them or never will

there adverts are absolute bullshit and theres far too many of them..... yea in there latest advert for one of there shitty products i couldnt believe it actually said " has the potential to alter your DNA and unlock massive muscle blah blah blah " only an idiot would believe it.

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Haha yea I love the marketing on bodybuilding supps. Always good for a laugh BSN is the same everything is hyped up to the 9th degree just read the thing for axis ht, thats a scam I can get behind lol if anyone expects major gains from it they deserve to loose that 100 bucks. :pfft:

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