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Ngapuhistrong - I'm 6 foot exactly, and 87kg.

Kiwi, I'd like to do a comp next year, but it depends on things like work, etc. Also I've been saying that for a couple of years, so don't hold your breath! :oops:

Anyway, enough flattery, you bunch of greasers! Tell me what I need to work on.

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Thanks for the comments guys. I'm not completely satisfied with my progress in the two years since my last photos, but then until very recently I probably haven't been pushing myself hard enough that I should expect to see anything more. No excuses! I'll be working on those weak points. :D

Incidentally, these photos have highlighted what I need to work on (everything!) so thanks to those who bullied me into taking them. To everyone who hasn't taken photos of themselves yet, I highly recommend it. And when you do, post them here... :wink:

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Actually Mike, I was just thinking perhaps I should start working my calves again. I've been pretty slack in that department for a while. :oops:

Diamond, if my maths and memory are right, I've been training for 5 and a half years. Given that time frame, small miracles can occur. And realistically, there was a lot of room to train harder/better for at least a couple of those years, so I wouldn't want to say this is a great example of what's possible. I'm happy enough though, and the fact that it's a work in progress gives me something to do tomorrow. :wink:

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I should start working my calves again.


hey bro, yeah all in all it looks reasonably balanced. I would wait for the upper legs to catch up to the calves, they are a good looking size to the rest of the leg. work on your quads and hammies. looks like the traps can do with some work and bicep. apart from that the back is looking pretty good. nice narrow waist. wow 5 years already eh? how much lean mass has been gained in that? about 4kg?

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