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Interesting interview


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seen that a while back, whoever the bb is (if hes actually real and not just a figment of the editor of ironman mag) hes a dickhead ,

IM: All train alike?

BB: Well, yeah. We don't train that hard. [Most of the guys] are half asleep when they [work out].

Real champions like Haney, Yates, Swarzeneger, Oliva and all the others, trained brutally hard!

they dont train hard? :shock: this guy has prob never won a bloody thing in his life, with an attitude like that its no wonder , top pros on gear work there arses off , the gear aint magic .

IM: So it's mostly just the drugs. The top guys really don't have an inkli ng how to train without them. Do you think most of the top 10 guys are taking pretty much the same thing then?

BB: Yeah, they're all jabbing themselves just as much, but I think [winning] has to do with your estrogen levels and your normal testosterone levels, your receptor abilities and things like that. You know, it's a genetic thing. Some people are more susceptible to steroids. Five milligrams might hit me differently than it might hit you.

:pfft: to say the top 10 wouldnt know how to train without drugs?

editorial like this pisses me off , its in no way informative , its misleading , and its not constructive , gee i think ill get a loan on monday and maybe youll see me up against jay next year for mr O , nuttin but a peanut !!!

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Yep true for sure, it aint all about the drugs.

But with massive doses of gear and slin etc, it can be extremly difficult to train with intersity, massive lower back pumps, nausia, headach's, drowsyness, and overwhelming feeling of unmotivation.

I think that this guy is probly telling the truth and it is more likley the guy's struggleing to get to the top rather than the ones that are actually there that are killing themselfs

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