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NFS Power Up


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First of all, welcome to the forums. :)


Each 5 Capsules Contains

The Powerfull scientifically designed propriety combination of Kre Alkalyn (pH correct coreatine) 1800mg

Tribulus (std to 40% + Saponins and Protodioscines 20%) 500mg

Magnesium (from aspartane 1125mg) elemental 225mg

Eurcoma Longifolia (Pharmaceutical Grade) 150mg

Indol 3 Carbonal 125mg

Zinc (from monomethionine asparate 75mg) elemental 15mg

B6 (pyridoxine) 10mg

So essentially what we've got is a Creatine-Tribulus-ZMA combo. (Plus a few other bits and pieces I'm not so familiar with.)

Those are certainly among the most popular supplements, and if any supplements are regarded as tried-and-true, it would be these. The possible exception to that statement would be Kre Alkalyn, which has had mixed reviews as to whether it's an effective form of creatine or not.

Putting everything into one combo supplement is a nice idea, but with a recommended retail of around $75 for 24 serves you'd have to do the maths to see how it stacks up against buying the items separately.

I don't really know enough to comment about the dose quantities.

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I think putting all these supps in one dose is a silly idea.

Tribulus & ZMA are generally better taken before bed..... which is a stupid time to be taking Kre-Alk.

I took kre-alk before my workouts as it tended to give me more stamina (mind you, taking it before bed may have it's advantages if you're not alone 8) ).

These supps won't clash with your meds, if anything the ZMA will be a nice supplement to your meds as the magnesium is a muscle relaxant and will help you "chill" :wink:

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There's a lot of things wrong with this product. If you doubled the dose to 10 caps per day it might do something for you. 1800mg of krealkalyn is only providing about 1gram of creatine which isn't going to do much for anyone. The doses of ZMA are at half what they should be for it to actually be effective (due to NZ laws which don't allow more that 30mg Zinc in a recommended daily dose for retail)

I'm unclear as to why the have put indole 3 carbinol in it - this is typically used as an anti estrogen.

I also can't see why this is so expensive - $70 for 42g of krealkalyn (about 20g of creatine), 12g tribulus, 12 normal dose serves of ZMA, and 3g of Indole 3 carbinol which doesn't really need to be there.

NFS really have lost the plot as far as some of their products go. I used to quite like NFS products but their latest efforts have been terrible.

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