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36 eggs, 3 quarts of cream, 10mg dbol ed 1967 Mr. America.


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anyone eat raw foods ? as in raw red meat , raw eggs , raw cream/milk .

very popular diets in the sixty's, and even allot earlier . people like vince gironda, DonHoworth were very successful with eating this way iv always thought myself iv made good strength and size gains when eating allot of raw eggs , i think id find it hard to get used to raw steaks though

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its the raw whites that have enzyme inhibitors if your eating a high ratio of yolk to white youll be getting plenty enough protein into you , the spare whites just cook em a little , Raw milk and pasteurized milk are not even close to the same. when you heat milk its structure changes and it loses all its enzyme and good bacteria content which is very important a lactose intolerant person has no problem with raw milk because it has the digestive enzymes you need to digest it.

these types of foods do everything for you body, they will help you burn fat and gain muscle. there are hundreds of metabolic functions going on in you body if you want them maximized these are the types of foods you need to eat. you hear them say you need to eat fat to burn fat, thats because fat in foods especially animal fat always goes hand in hand with certain vitamins , mineral and mineral activators, cholesterol etc.. in those foods. all of these are needed for you metabolism and different hormone activities of your body to function(sex hormones, thyroid many other etc..) if you eat cheese puffs all day all these functions break down. you can't eat only dead food you need food with live enzymes. raw eggs,dairy. fruits , vegetables , lacto fermented food etc.. which ensures a great immune system,digestive system and allows you to use the nutrients in foods more effectively. you need nutrients and you need them to be bioavailable. vince said its not how much you eat,its how much you digest.

why do you think a drug like viagra is so popular, because people eat like shit and can't get a hard on. 100 years ago men would laugh at this notion of needing a drug to do this.

if you eat processed junk everything in your body breaks down.

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guess uve gotta ask urself if eating raw is worth the extra 'value' u seem to think exists for sacrafice of quality of eating enjoyment.....i find bbing diets pretty avg compared to you 'typical' diet as is Smile

taste dont mean jack shit to me bro if sacrificing taste for size is what works , that suits me just fine :grin:

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non pasturised milk is raw milk, yes you will need to know someone with a cow , i have a friend up in taupo with a dairy farm , i need to figure out now how im going to get it to me ,regularly , ill also make my own raw butter from this raw cream. homogenization is also not good as they alter the molecular structure of the fat component in the milk(cream) , so the milk dosent separate , thus making the fat content useless to digest .

these animal fats are important , in utilizing vitamins , proteins , minerals in whole foods such as milk/ cream/ cheese / butter /beef/ lamb/ chicken/ legumes ,

Zane's motto was 12 eggs a day for two weeks is 10lbs of solid muscle!"

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this guy here does a lot of the natural organic training stuff


dunno if youve seen the website before

thanks but im definitely a red blooded male keen on red blooded meat , i couldnt possibly only eat fruit and veg only , look at the guru who started the site , a strong breeze would send him sailing

just found a great website for the nutritional facts of pretty much everything, has a great breakdown of every item


thats a good site iv used it before cheers :grin:

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Eric Talmant on Elitefts eats all (i think) his foods raw, eggs, steak, chicken....

He answers alot of questions which you might find interesting..


Personally I dont know why anyone would deprive themselves of a nicely cooked steak...

He eat's his chicken raw? Fark!

Cruisin' for a bruisin', dealt out by salmonella and parasites. Some things are better cooked.

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I have my clients make a slow transition to eating food raw, and I recommend that they take a hydrochloric acid supplement that is right for their Metabolic type, along with digestive enzymes that are right for their type to make the transition easier.

Since I do not know your Metabolic Type, I will give you some general recommendations:

First, substitute raw for the dairy products when applicable. Living in Vermont, this should be easy for you-raw cheese, raw goat or cow milk, etc. There is very little (if any) difference in taste, so this is pretty easy.

Next I would start to eat about half of your vegetables and fruits raw. This is usually a given with the fruits, but probably requires you to buy fresh vegetables. Eventually you will want to eat all of your fruits and vegetables raw.

You will still have to cook beans, but do it on as low a temperature setting for longer time as possible.

At this point you can also start to ingest your eggs raw. I have answered several questions here concerning what to look for when consuming raw eggs (very important information, so please do a search and read them before taking this step.

Finally, when going raw with meat, it is usually best to just start cooking the meat rarer and rarer until you get yourself down to completely raw. Always try to select meats that you trust, and for most these are going to be your grass-fed, hormone free local meats.

I am personally still working on eating chicken raw, but I was just sent some marinate recipes that supposedly make the experience more pleasant so I will let you know how that goes.

You can expect to start feeling more energy, having much better digestion, a stronger immune system, etc. The benefits are just too numerous to list. You will also find that you will not need as much meat as you did before in terms of ounces (for protein), and you will feel the natural cell voluminization that comes from the creatine in those raw meats.

It is not necessary to buy your food every day, but I would do so every couple of days for freshness.

We also feed our dogs a raw diet and they are thriving on it. That is why we have nicknamed them the "Dynamic Duo".

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