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Its a crazy country new zealand? Steroids on prescription? I am sitting in Kaliningrad / Russia the old Königsberg from Hitler Germany. Neonazis from germany are geting a "Revoked" stamp on their visa and "Auf Wiedersehen!"

Prescription is a word what is still not known, even there is in Russian language existing such a bad word " Rezepta".

Nebido, Sustanon, Omnadren HCG HGH we get here in pharmacy like bread.

Thai stuff is avaiable in gyms. And it is not illegally. It may be happen when the government is changing that they do create prescription laws.

Its funny! I am in a forum from a bloody prescription country and I am sitting in a country where I do not need one. Russia. There is an examption in Belarus. In Brest I saw Omnadren in a vitrine, but the pharmacy wanted prescription as they noticed, I dot not speak so clear Russian like a local, and the European countries do pressure. Brest is in front of the border from the Polish city Terespol. And a lot of people have visas for crossing the borders. Vouchers are not any more possible since Poland is in the EC.

I could ask You, what steroid do You want? I need money!!! I want get as rich as the Moscow local people how are earning 100.000 US$ per month. The people are shitting money. In Kaliningrad unfortunately a lot of Moskweetshe (people from Moscow) they throw money around. The streets from Kaliningrad to the see Svetlogorsk are full of cars. For that 50km we need 2 hours. The wealthiness is exploding and the road-network can't bear it. In Moscow after work hours are we standing 3 hours in a que when we leave by car to Riga. All the rich go their weekendhomes "datscha" and they are like castles now. Its incredable. Democrazy allows wealthiness. Get rid prescription law. elect for a government like Putin, and You get rich. NZ company owner even cant afford to stay in Moscow a couple of days. I myself have some friends there, cant afford it either to stay in Moscow. Even I have much money too. But I am suffering if pay for hotels so much money. With my 2 million Euro yearly income I am still one from "the lower class-people" It is a tragedy but its true. Off course I do not need to sleep on the street, but its expensive.

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