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Buying supps off bb.com


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Hey guys, I was looking at getting some stuff from bb.com for me and some friends. Namely ON 100% whey (heard so much good stuff about it, want to give it a try), and LS7. I was looking at Lipo 6, but has Yohimbine which i believe you need a prescription for in NZ. At my store we had to pull MX-LS7 off the shelves earlier in the year because of this, (altho if you look around the NZ websites you can still find it).

So my question is, do you think I would have trouble getting this through customs? Im guessing if they looked hard enough at the ingrediants, they would dispose of it and I would be out of pocket? Any advice is welcome. Thanks!

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yup they are getting a lot stricter so are customs. i remember the first time i ordered off them a few years ago i got some test,GH,and a steroid alternative - real or not all of them contained prohibited ingredients but i got it all without even being checked by customs.

last time bought some cell-mass and no-explode ,opened both containers and ran drug tests on them - so yea there getting stricter, almost to the point where id just buy locally because its not worth the fuss.


http://bodybuilding.com/store/view_prod ... ctions.php

Yohimbe Can be shipped to any country EXCEPT the following countries:

Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand

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...well it looks like we cannot import a lot of things now!!!

I was looking at some plain old ZMA from bb.com ...

I got the following message:


Problem With Your Order!

The following products are NOT allowed to be shipped to your shipping country (New Zealand):



Ive managed import a lot of things for my mates and I in the past.

supps such as: lipo6, RXT, Activate, universal uni-liver, BCAA, ZMA+mucuna pruriens and even SD & Phera-Plex, ..

I haven't run into any problems with customs, although I've found lately that customs is checking a lot more than usual.

Recently had a mate who had trouble bringing in creatine and protein bars.


I really hope we don't end up like the aussies, where even plain whey gets confiscated. :evil:

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