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Westwave (henderson)


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just joined up here, was here a few years back too

good gym although can get very busy around 5-8 and equipment/machines can get tied up if losers are just sitting on them

big plus is the swimming facilities available for free, gym membership includes use of pools/spa/sauna and steam room

price is decent i think $14 a fortnight for students or if you have a community card and you can leave anytime you want, no contract!

adults i think is around $18-20

also i have been told gym is getting added on to downstairs with 200kgs of free weights going down there plus 10 new machines i think

and the gym is getting its very own changing rooms - gym members only, not swimmers

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I've been going to West Wave for many years now.

I avoid 5pm rush hour like the plague, normally getting in there by around 11am.

It's a community gym so there are a lot of special needs groups going through the place which makes the place a bit more colourful (& quite entertaining at times).

I normally splash out on a 12 month swim/gym membership which is around $700 - quite cheap considering the use of the gym & pool are included. I paid $30 joining fee when I first started but of course it's only a one off. I'm suspecting the membership price will go up once the renovation work & extra gym facilities are added.

The only downside... newbies curling in the rack.... but that happens everywhere.

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good to put a face to the name BIG cammo

Yeah mate... although I try to get in there a bit earlier than that normally, wasn't too busy being a Friday though.

"BIG cammo"..... are you referring to my love handles? :pfft:

the gym manager (the guy with the glasses and short hair who thinks he owns the gym)

Sounds like Nick?

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