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orall vrs injectibals?

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Orals come in tab, pill, cap, paper and liquid form and are taken oraly, they act quickly and can offer dramatic but often fleeting gains, they are very hard on your system compaired to injectables because the are designed to servive first pass through the liver.

Injectables come in oil or water form and are injected intramuscularly (deep in to the muscle) and less liver toxic and generally slower acting depending on ester ( molecule attached to the compound to slow down the rate at witch the coumpond exerts its effect ) than orals.

If you do decide to go down this parth you MUST reaserch endlessly before even contemplating using.

Get full bloods done and get a doctor who is willing to monitor you.

And then if you decide to go ahead with it I would stick to injectables for a while.

Gool luck

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One goes thru your mouth, the other thru your skin.

:pfft: cheeky

so youv decided to go the path of steroids. thought your pics looked great from just natural bodybuilding. so what are your reasons for changing paths.... and what are you looking to accomplish ?

i,ve not decided anything, i just wonted to know, can never have enough info

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