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doing pullups


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okay,6mths ago i was able to do 6-7 pullups per set.now that i've gained 5kgs of lean mass and muscle by increasing my workout intensity,i cant even do 1 single pull up???? what the hell is going on here??does any one know a good explaination for this?

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You say you could do those 6-7 pullups six months ago....have you done them consistently as you have gained mass?! If not then of course you are not going to keep that level of strength for the extra size.

Additionally how do you know that your gain was all lean mass ie functional muscle?! :roll:

i did a body fat test and got it down to 6.5% body fat. no i havnt any since 6mths ago, but i have been doing other shoulder and chest workouts,does over training affect it by any chance?

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If you want to get worse at doing something....... stop doing it.

If you want to get better at it......... keep doing it.

Like 2guns mentions - chest work & shoulder work won't help with pullups.

Use the lat pulldown or assisted pullups until you get your strength back.

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