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James123s Journal


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Decided to make a journal :)

Im 17, 72kg and 6foot 1 all skin and bone so im hoping to build some muscle.

Goal by Start of febuary to be weighing in at 80kg and benching 75kg.

Daily Diet:


Interval-2 Chicken Drumsticks 3Potoatoes

Lunch-Bacon Egg sandwich, Banana, Apple

After Scool-2 Marmite Sandwiches and a Protein Shake with Milk

Tea-Whatever Mum cooks usually roast,barbecue steak etc.

Supper-Protein Shake

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10-20min run at 10k

bench press 3x12-10-8 50KG

close grip bench press 3x12-10-8 40KG

bicep curls 3x12-10-8 35KG

stiff leg deadlifts 3x12-10-8 50KG

bb bent over rows 3x12-10-8 50KG

Abs sit ups 3x20 10KG

(I only have upto 50kg of weights so im alot stronger than just those figures above)

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Hi James. I take it you're training at home? Will you be getting more weights? If the weights aren't heavy enough for you to go to failure, it's going to make things difficult for you, I think.

How long have you been training? It looks like you're doing a full-body routine. That's fine if you're just starting out and still learning the ropes, but personally I find a split routine more effective.

Just my two cents, anyway. Good luck with your goal - I'm looking forward to reading about your progress. :)

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Arm now ok :)

Bench press 3x12 50kg

Barbell Curls 3x10 30kg

Incline Press 3x35kg

Close Grip Bench Press 3x30kg

Diet was crap today:

9am 2weetbix and milk

Interval Bacon egg sandwich, 2 muffins,banana,lolliecake

Lunch 2chicken drum sticks,lcm bar,600ml sprite

After School 2chicken buns

Dinner half a Pizza for tea

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