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what will a doc perscribe gear for?

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excuse the bad spelling first off

i assume there are ligitamet reasons a doctor wood perscribe stellroids, testostiron and other such drugs, i am wondering what some of these might be?

reason i ask is a few years ago i had a major car accident and lost alot of mussel mass on my right leg, i have been training my ass off but right leg is sttill patheticly small and has no strength, wood this be a good enough reason for my doc to perscribe me something?

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chances are the docters wouldnt prescribe for that reason but reffer you to a physio to sort the muscle imbalance out, something i recomend you do.

testosterone is prescribed for aids, and MS pateints with sever muscle wasting to prevent further wasting. Also used in hormone replacement therapy for men who cannot produce enough test naturally. in some cases for impotancey and premature ejactulation they may get prescribed testosterone.

you have to understand it is regulated and levels are only prescribe at safe and natural ranges not extremes like some athletes use it at.

my advice go see a physio, if you dont then at least do single leg work and only work the good leg at the same weight and volume as the bad leg to try and bring the balance back. even 2 extra sets on the bad leg will aid your problem.

Bottom line is steriods are going to make you grow everywhere so will just blow the imbalance out more, so dont even think about it.


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i wood want the stuff to achieve symmetry between the two legs,

there is over two inch difference in circumference between each calf and thigh, the rest of me is good enough i think to compete and do well but am frustrated that this old enjurry is holding me back

i understand how this is frustrating, all of us have weak points, bodybuilding isnt a race its a journey. if you are serious about competiong go see a physio and they will give exercises to build the bad side up. this will take time but if your goal is to compete surely you will do the work.

the reason your saying is purely for aesthetics so sorry bud i dont think any good DR. would prescribe you drugs for that.

from your other posts you seem to have little knowledge of how steriods work, potentail risks(that are very real) so until you understand this and do a bit of research for yourself i think gear for any reason is a bad idea.

if you cant afford a physio PM me and i will do up a programme to help your lagging leg.

Hope this clears it up for you.


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go and make an appointment with a doctor then, that would be the easiest way to find out if they will prescribe u aas i would have thought,

i did this with some stuff i got recently and all the paper work etc went through medsafe and was all legit, (wasnt the north shore or newmarket clinics either)... just an everyday doctor this is why im telling u as it could help u

basically i went to this doctor, he asked questions i told him truth, he gave quick physical examination, took blood pressure, gave forms to go to medlab and get a blood test, he didnt demand for me to get the blood test done before he would prescripe which is wat i prefered, although they have been done now, 30mins later i was at the pharmacy getting the gear, no qustions asked just a couple of weird looks from the girls working in the pahrmacy lol :pfft:

goodluck to u

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yeah that i wanted this stuff for a competition.

y time for a new doctor?

hes not stupid or braindead, actually very smart.

hes talked to medsfe and its all being done very safely, and as long as its prescribed in moderation him nor i wont have anyproblems.

but thats all im going to say and answer, for obvious reasons

that should be another opinion/side of advice for u na puhi

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