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Alternatives to roids?


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G'day all,

I'm a new member to this forum.

I'm a 27yo male, 5'10", 90kg, + - 12%bf. I've been training in the gym for approx 5 years typically doing a three day split for the last year, changing the routine every 2 months. Cardio load is approx 1.5hrs-morning & 1.5hrs-arvo, HR averaging around 150bpm.

I feel I need to jump to the next level in training. I'm not wanting to compete in BB comps but need extra strength for my choosen sport - which is subject to random tests from drug free sport nz.

Can anyone out there reccomend any supps that can raise my testosserone levels and or promote rapid muscle growth?

I've tried tribulus based product with litlle success.

P.S. Regarding fatloss pills, tried hotrox - they worked but are there any ephidrene based supps out there? I heard they were better?


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I would agree, sounds like you're doing enough cardio now (maybe too much for muscle growth/strength?!). Must be other factors that are preventing you from 'getting stronger' as you put it ie your diet OR the exercises you are doing OR the combination of sets/reps etc etc. Without knowing how 'strong' you are I would also suggest you need to bear in mind also being functional in your chosen sport and other related aspects such as flexibility etc.

I would stay away from things that mess with your hormones, steroids or otherwise because they may alter your bodys natural chemistry longer term.

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