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rugby world cup


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Worst result in a rugby world cup. Ever. :(

We choked, pure and simple. The ref made some iffy calls, but we played a shitty game. The pick and drive didn't work.. why didn't they utilise the freaking backs? Two of the best wingers in the world for christ's sake.

I feel bad for them.. I can imagine the beating Graeme Henry's gonna get when he comes home poor beast.

Heh, funny TradeMe auction: My sympathy for all fellow Kiwis

GO FIJI!!!!!

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:cry: .......................... enough said.

Absolutely, but that won't stop us saying it continuously for the next month! My radio will be firmly tuned to bFM, and well away from NewsTalkZB or RadioSport until this dies down. :P

At the risk of enraging every other member of this forum, I'm quite happy for the French to have got it. If the scores were reversed and we'd won, we'd have been quite happy - maybe. More likely, we'd have grizzled about how we should have won it better. The French, by contrast, were absolutely ecstatic. Good on them.

And hey, remember the Aussies got knocked out before we did. :grin:

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the abs never do well when the pressure is put back on them they are only good when there 20 points up and the game is in the bag. i think they should go back to the old days now and dont change the team as much, keep the same team and only change it when there is injury, the others then have to keep fighting to get into the top team. also i think we treat them like royalty too much, the netballers and league team dont get as much and they do better at there world cups.

the ref wasnt up to standard but thats rugby there are always bad calls we are just not use to it being against the abs its usually the warriors.

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Ok I'm probably going to cop a hiding for this but who cares? For all the money and hype that went into it they ended up bowing out at the earliest stage ever. I find that really f^%king hilarious. Perhaps it's about time the country got behind some of the lesser known sports we are actually good at, although I won't be holding my breath.

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