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Hi, looking for a gym in Wellington City


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I am new to Wellington, visiting from the states on a 12 month working visa. Anyway, I will probably be in Wellington for at least a month and I need to get back in the gym, somewhere you could always find me in America. I just watned to know if anyone had any information on what they thought were the best gyms in wellington city? I like to do free-weights and cardio on the eliptical machine, but would also prefer a gym that has a boxing area (heavy bag, speed bag, and skipping ropes) and a suana. I love a good sit in the suana after a hard workout and before I left the States I was really getting into using the heavy bag, speed bag and jump roping for cardio sessions, have been taking karate since I was a little boy and boxing is very fun way for me to work out. Anyway, if anyone has any information or knows of any gyms in the wellington city area that offer these things please respond to this or send me an email to josolnik@yahoo.com. Thanks so much for your guys' time, I hope to use this website a lot as a travel New Zealand to look for gyms or workout groups. Thanks again,


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Hi Jon-Michael - welcome to NZ and the nzbb site! Oh, and thanks Dumbelldog for those nice comments! :wink:

I don't train there, but I know Les Mills in Taranaki Street has a large boxing studio, including a full-sized ring, plus they have several weights and cardio rooms. I'll send you an email with more details, including the managers name so he can hopefully do you a good deal.

There are several other excellent gyms around, but I doubt many will have the boxing facilities that Les Mills can offer. Your choice may also depend on where you will be staying.

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