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Chricton Cobbers


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The home of $6.00 weekly, the cheapest gym in chch...

this price includes many martial arts





Ju Jitsu



Russian combat

Tae Kwon Do


Chricton has few machines but has many olympic bars, benchs, 2 power racks and dumbells right up to 61kg...

Chricton also has a good area for preforming olympic lifts and yes you are allowed to drop your weights, lol...

Chricton also has free lockers, a basket ball court and 2 free programs (more if I like you and you dont train like a bitch lol)

what more can I say... best gym in the world... lol

an unbias review.

oh and the one bad thing is that Crichton is closed on a sunday.

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i play rugby league,during the off season im looking to train in martial arts for the following three purposes;

- for fitness

-to be a better real world fighter (self defence)

-to improve my rugby league.

i will be looking to train 4 nights a week(one discipline mon ,wed and one tues,thurs) as well as doing my usual strength training(weights) and cardio/fitness work (running)

now what do people suggest as good disciplines to train in so far have been considering boxing,TKD,jiu jitsu,muay thai,judo.

many profesional league teams have judo instructors helping the coaching staff to improve defense (tackling and wrestling in the the tackle.)

with this in mind i was thinking i may do boxing (good for aerobic fitness and improved upper body strength as well as foot work) and;

jiu jitsu, incorporates the wrestling/grapling which i believe will help my defense on the field.

and also it trans and kicks and punches correct?

my other option may be TKD(or muay thai??) and judo again a mix of punches kicks and grappling right?

im open to any other suggestions as to a good combination of martial arts to achieve my desired goals also if anyone knows of some good places to train in CHCh New Zealand woud love your suggestions. im reasonalbly fit and did some tkd as a kid(Around 10 years ago -am 23 now) other than that have done no MA.

thanks alot in advance.

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I thought you had to pay a little bit extra to take MA classes? No? So the $6 covers everything?

na the 6 bux covers it, have to pay for grading from memory but not the classes

and im training there atm great gym if anyone needs a training buddy!!

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hey luigi what a the opening hours? thinking of joining as used to be at council gyms but theyr shit and packed. uni gym is shit and packed

no idea, ohjoshua works there he can tell ya

all i know is its closed on sunday dammit.

and its getting way busier than it used to be, but also a lot more female members so take the bad with the good i guess

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For those who are interested...

Opening hours are

Mon + Wed = 7am - 9pm

Tue+ Thurs = 9.30am - 9pm

Fri 7am - 8pm

Sat 9am - 1pm


Yes as Lugi says Chricton is at its all time membership high, memebership has increased steadly since my employment :P .


We begin construction of our new weights room at the begining of spring. This will be mainly pinloaded machines and which will provide varation from the vast selection of free weights already availibe.


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