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hmm ok well

7am : 4 weetbix glas of protein approx 30g

9am : mince and vege pie

10am : toasted sandwiches ham cheese and spag

12pm : chicken/beef with rice or something similar and 30g protein shake

3pm : more youghurt fruit and cereal

5pm : creatine and other supplements, bowl of beans etc.

6pm : gym

7:30pm :70-80g protein with dinner

8:30 dessert with fruit etc

9:30pm toast 4 bits,cooked fish

10pm bed

so yea its not too defined at the moment as im not really too good on the nutritional side yet so any pointers would be appreciated. keeping in mind i do work full time so cant be eating every 30 mins. :nod:

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How can you call yourself a Hardgainer when you havent got the nutritional side down .That is the most important part of gaining after all.In a nutshell after viewing your diet you need to eat more quality food .Your 12pm meal should be your mid morn and afternoon meal At least .

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I find it hard to put weight on rapidly. Ended up carrying tins of tuna and pre cooked rice around as well as drinking lots of smoothies and milk. Need to make sure you eat regularly enough too. Try getting all of your food ready in the morning.

Also, I found that if I do cardio 3-4 times a weekit made me alot hungrier and I lost fat and still gained weight. usually faster too.

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